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ads that don’t communicate, need to be explained

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ads is a very visual medium – what you see is what you get. and what you get is what it communicates. in these ads, you need to think hard what it is trying to say to you.  what you see are these familiar objects that are being unwrapped to show chocolate.

now with that visual, one of the following is being communicated :

  • they are selling chocolates shaped as a coffee maker
  • the object, in this case the coffee maker, makes chocolatesIMG_2920
  • you will find chocolate when you  unwrap a coffee maker

that is what the visuals say.

but after some much thought and reading the text on the bottom right of the ad, it looks like what the ad is trying to say is – give yourself a treat this Easter and buy appliances in this store called Currys. i guessed that much after using google to find out what Currys is. it is a retail outlet in the U.K. that sell electronics and appliances.

we got that after reading the small texts at the bottom of the ad and AFTER using google. it does not help that the texts at the bottom of the ad were small. we think many consumers will not bother doing what i did to understand the ad. consumers will most likely just stay on the giant visuals and just say one of the above.

the idea of  giving oneself a treat this Easter is very carefully hidden in the visual. it is actually unsaid and the ad is asking you ro logic it out and find the connection between chocolates and a treat.

for us this is a WAWAM!

costly blooper in Price Is Right TV show – model accidentally gives away a car!

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Tekken 7 insults the Philippine national hero and Filipinos with a character named “Josie Rizal”

April 3, 2015 Leave a comment

there is no doubt about it, Josie Rizal, a character in Tekken 7 is named after Jose Rizal, the Philippine national hero. even its creator,  Katsuhiro Harada acknowledges that the character was meant to appeal to Filipino gamers. for the character to appeal to Filipinos mean using a familiar name to Filipinos make that easier.

we find this a blatant disrespect of the country’s national hero and filipinos as well.

Josie Rizal


Philippine Revolutionary and Poet, Jose Rizal Jose Rizal Monument rizal


Tekken creator to ‘delete’ Josie Rizal if NCCA pushes for name change

The creator and game director of Tekken has threatened to “delete” Josie Rizal, a new Filipino character in the globally famous franchise, if the government pushes for the name change.

In a tweet, Katsuhiro Harada said on Thursday he would delete the character from the game if the National Commission on Culture and the Arts would issue a statement forcing him to drop the character’s name.

Responding to a tweet by Chris O. Easley (@Ulect) which said: “NCCA is just concerned about the name, the character should not be deleted just change the name!” Harada said: “No. If it happens, I’ll delete her.”

In an earlier statement, Harada said that Josie is special for the Filipino gaming community and if she does not get support from Filipinos, it is very easy for the gaming company to delete her.

“Josie [is] for (the) fighting game community. But Josie is very special for (the Philippine) gamer community.”

“If Josie can’t get supported in the Philippines, we give her up anytime. Tekken 7 arcade board has a network update system. We can change plan and change characters anytime and quickly,” he said.

Harada added that he got 90 percent positive feedback from fans and Filipino gamers on Josie Rizal.

Some netizens disapproved of the character’s name, saying that it tarnished the reputation of national hero Jose Rizal.

The NCCA said on Thursday that it had no official stand yet on the issue and that it would release an official statement after consulting with the National Historical Commission of the Philippines.

Last March 29, Tekken introduced Josie Rizal as a new character in “Tekken 7,” a female kickboxer who specializes in eskrima (Filipino martial art). RC
Read more: http://technology.inquirer.net/41587/tekken-creator-to-delete-josie-rizal-if-ncca-pushes-for-name-change#ixzz3WEWlnADt
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how to harness the power of celebrities in TV ads – BMW’s 2015 Super Bowl Ad

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this is what celebrity ads is all about and how its true power can be used in TV ads. this BMW ad first takes us to 1994 whenBryant Gumbel and Katie Couric, hosts of the Today Show showed on air they were being stumped by this things called the “internet” and what this thing “@” meant in an email address.

fast forward to today (no pun intended) and the pair is inside a BMW electric car showing us again that they are being stumped by the BMW electric car, having the same kind of discussion as to what the car is all about. the ad ends with Couric once again calling a staff member to explain what it is.

just brilliant advertising!

TBWA\Hakuhodo Ad Agency’s 3-D printed ice cubes – a classy, classic and fascinating creative idea that works

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we were floored, our jaw dropped and a word in our mind keep popping up “wow!” when we saw this idea TBWA\Hakuhodo thought of for its client, Suntory Whisky – 3-D printed ice cubes that you put in your glass to enjoy Suntory Whisky. it was hands down, one of the classiest, classic and creative idea we have seen for an alcoholic drink.

it does present Suntory as a very classy and above its class kind of whisky. the exact image and impression one wants when you are a whisky brand.

 Suntory Whisky 3-D Printed the World’s Most Incredible Ice Cubes

TBWA creates landmarks and characters in miniature

Advertising craft doesn’t get more delicate than this. Check out the crazy ice cubes TBWA\Hakuhodo created for Japan’s Suntory Whisky.

The agency used what’s called a CNC router (and a process that’s kind of inverse 3-D printing) to carve the designs, which ranged from the Statue of Liberty to the Sphinx to Batman and everything in between. (There even appears to be, perhaps presciently, a Cannes Lion in the mix.)

Miwako Fujiwara of TBWA\Hakuhodo said the CNC router was chilled at -7 degrees Celsiusto keep the ice from melting. The agency used an app called Autodesk 123D to capture the 3-D images and prep them for printing. “A touch of chilled whiskey polishes the surface of the ice and gives a beautiful shine to the sculpture,” Fujiwara added.

more pictures here : http://www.adweek.com/adfreak/suntory-whisky-3-d-printed-worlds-most-incredible-ice-cubes-163782




Krisel Mallari’s speech stopped by Sto. Niño Parochial School officials – karma

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this is one of the sharpest definitions of “karma” on the internet. kirsel mallari is the salutatorian of the Sto. Nino Parochial school and she gave a welcome speech during the graduation rites of her school. just after she started her speech, school officials stopped her from giving her speech. the idea of stopping her was to prevent the students and the guests to hear what she had to say. we would think there would be a few hundred people during the graduation rites.

someone was video-taping the whole thing and posted it at youtube. the news programs picked up on the story and the video became viral. an hour or so after the event was covered by TV, the youtube post had around 350,000 views. the next day, when more people on social media talked about it, the views jumped to 1,500,000 views. that was just overnight.

it was karma that the school’s  effort to stop a few hundred people from hearing Krisel’s speech during the graduation rites have resulted to 1.5 Million people reading about it and the video seen by as many people.

transcript of the speech by Krisel Mallari’s speech.

A pleasant morning to my fellow batchmates, to my teachers, guests, welcome to the 13th Commencement Exercises. Sa okasyong ito ay pinipili kong magsiwalat sa wika na aking kinagisnan, ang wikang Filipino o wikang Tagalog. Taong 2004 ng una akong umapak sa silid-aralan ng eskwelahang ito, upang mag-aral. Ngayon, makalipas ang labing isang taon, ay narito ko sa inyong harapan upang ibahagi ang aking karanasan at magbigay-aral. Sa bawat taon na lumipas ay puspusan ang pag-aaral na ginawa ko sa eskwela, naniwala ko sa patas na labanan. Sa pagtatapos ng school year na ito’y isang hakbang nalang ang layo ko sa finish line, ngunit sa pagdating ko rito’y naglaho ang pulang tali na sisimbolo sana sa aking tagumpay, naglaho nga ba o sadyang kinuha?

Maraming tao ang nagbulag-bulagan sa isang sistemang marumi at kaduda-duda. Ngunit di ko ito tinuluran, ipinaglaban ko ang sa tingin ko’y tama, nanindigan ako bilang isang Pilipino na palaban at may takot sa Diyos. Chismis, isang piyesta ng chismis ang inabot ko ng pinagmukha nila akong masama. Ganun talaga minsan, pag umayon ka sa kung alin ang tama, ikaw pa ang lumalabas na mali. Di na nga nila pinakinggan ang iyong hinaing, nakuha ka pa nilang laitin. Kung sinasabi niyong wala akong acceptance, marami ako niyan, pero pano kong tatanggapin ang isang bagay na di naaayon sa katotohanan. Para san pa ang aking dedikasyon sa pag-aaral at hustisya kung di ko naman ito ipaglalaban. Sa kabila ng nangyari ay masaya padin ako, tulad nga ng laging sinasabi sa teleseryeng Dream Dad, “Maganda ang buhay”, kaya bakit ako mag-aaksaya ng oras sa kanila kung mas maraming mas kapaki-pakinabang na bagay ang pwede kong gawin. Ngayon ay may piling indibidwal akong gustong pasalamatan, ito yung mga tao na sumuporta sakin sa kabila ng eskandalo na idinulot ng ipaglaban ko kung ano ang sa tingin ko ay tama.

Una sa lahat, gusto kong pasalamatan ang Diyos, isa siyang ama, kapatid, kaibigan na naging sandigan ko sa lahat ng pagkakataon, sa hirap at ginhawa. Sa aking ama, dad salamat, salamat kasi ni minsan ay di mo kami sinukuan, salamat kasi naniwala ka sa kakayanan ko, salamat kasi ipinaglaban mo ko kahit pa sumama ang tingin sayo ng iba, salamat kasi ikaw si Ernesto Mallari, ang haligi ng tahanan na nakukuha paring magpatawa kahit alam ko na sa loob niya ay nahihirapan na siya. Sabi nga sa isang pelikula ni Robin Williams, “You are the world’s greatest dad”. Sa aking ina, isang napakalaking thank you, siguro nga’y madalas akong makulitan sa’yo dahil sa madalas mong pangangaral, paulit-ulit nga siguro ang mga sinasabi mo, pero ma, yan ang tunay na dahilan kung bakit the best ka, dahil di ka tumitigil na pangaralan kami pag alam mong naliligaw kami ng landas.

Talaga ngang totoo yung kataga na “Mother knows best”. Sa pinakamaganda kong ate, Ate Kat, salamat kasi ikaw ang pinaka nakakaintindi sa mga hilig at pinagdadaanan ko bilang isang babae, ikaw ang aking selfie buddy, church buddy, at shopping buddy na pinagkakatiwalaan ko ng mga sikreto. Sa napakatalino kong kuya, Kuya Kerwin mainitin ang ulo mo, medyo mayabang ka nga siguro, at medyo tamad mag-aral; pero ang di alam ng marami, busilak ang puso mo, salamat kuya, sa pagturo sakin na manindigan pag alam kong ako ang nasa tama. Sa napaka-cute kong kapatid, salamat Kristine, ikaw na siguro ang pinakamatuturing kong tunay na BFF.

Julia, Clang, Katrina, Faye, Dane, Nico at sa iba pa, napatunayan niyo sakin na tama ang katagang “quality over quantity”, siguro nga’y di kayo karamihan, pero alam ko na bawat isa sa inyo ay maaasahan at mapagkakatiwalaan ko, kaya salamat! Sa mga teachers na napalapit na sa aking puso, Ma’am Factora, Mam Calanoga, Mam Amil, Mam Garcia, Mam Restor, Mam Castillo, Mam Acacio at Sir Francis, nagsilbi po kayong pangalawang magulang ko, salamat po. At siyempre pa, sa mga taong bumabatikos at nagbibigay ng negatibong komento sa akin, isang napakalaking thank you, kayo ang dahilan kaya’t mas pinagbubuti ko pa ang pag-aaral, tulad nga ng sinabi ng basketbolistang si Dwyane Wade, “My belief is stronger than your doubt”. Panibagong kabanata ang aking haharapin, bilang isang accountancy student sa University of Santo Tomas. Panibagong hamon na nakangiti kong haharapin. At para sa ating lahat mga kapwa ko graduates, ito’y isang mahalagang kabanata kung saan natin gagawin ang pinakamahalagang mga desisyon sa ating buhay. Kaya naman good luck sa inyo, at good luck din para sa kinabukasan ng paaralang ito.

Let me finish this in style and say my last words in the vernacular language of the world. I am Krisel Mallari, a Filipino citizen who would rather choose to fail with honor, than win by cheating. Adios!

heineken puts it’s money where it counts – consumer satisfaction

April 1, 2015 Leave a comment

this is one of the boldest moves we have seen in marketing and one very strong show of confidence on the quality and desirability of their product – heineken will give your money back if you do not like it. the basic promise here is that it is the best tasting beer. and if you do not like the taste, they will return your money. it is brave. it is great.


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