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send an email to ask school authorities to improve safety for school children

if you are an ateneo parent, an ateneo alumni or you have been touched by the story of 10 year old Amiel and you wish to express your thoughts/feelings and/or you want to ask the ateneo school authorities to do something about the safety of school kids at the school, here is an email address that i found from the ateneo website that you can send your email to: president@admu.edu.ph

amiel alcantara wake 3

at amiel's wake, february 25

i do not know amiel nor do i know his parents, but when i heard the news that night, i felt physical pain in my stomach. it horrified me very much. i knew that my imagination is inadequate in figuring out how amiel’s parents must have felt when they were told the sad news that their son died in a car accident inside the campus.

to me, there are only two places where i know for certain my children are safe in – first is my home, the other the school. we go to work everyday feeling very secure and confident that it is ok for our children to be apart from us as they are safe in school. what happened to amiel has shattered this belief in a most devastating way.

what happened to amiel should NEVER happen again. please write the ateneo school authorities and urge them to change things for the better.

  1. brenda marquez
    February 25, 2009 at 11:37 pm

    i think all ateneo parents should write the school and ask them to improve security at the school. i am an ateneo mom myself and me and my husband will write the school.

  2. Patrick Ferrer
    February 26, 2009 at 8:34 am

    Patrick Ferrer

    Amiel Alcantara’s death bears meaning when we put it into the context of the need for us parents to take a stand with Ateneo to implement a safe and secure environment for our children. We all gladly pay the expensive and premium tuition for the education and the least we expect is that our child will return to us alive everyday that he is sent to that school.

    Over the years I have seen the traffic management get worse and more incompetent. For instance, the basic principle of never mixing vehicular traffic flow with pedestrian access is totally violated in that five lane pick up and drop off area along the grade school driveway. It is not difficult for anyone to see that the interspersing of children with the cars is an tragedy waiting to happen. Statistically, Ateneo management was rolling the dice rather than taking proactive initiatives to ensure that the safety of the children was the priority. To date, the flawed system espoused by the school is propagated while the security force miserably fails to discipline violating drivers and ensure the safety of the children. Typically, on any dismissal period of a school day, these points can be observed. In fact, the so called “holding area” just isn’t so as you will observe the children scattered amidst unfenced walkways and islands waiting for their cars and completely accessible to the vehicular traffic.

    The negligence has been Ateneo’s since this facility is their property and the service they deliver covers safety and security of the children we entrust to them. Sadly, this unfortunate incident had to happen before this negligence had become glaringly obvious.

    The accident was preventable. Why nothing has been done to ensure it was prevented is an answer we should demand from Ateneo. And, we do have a right as clients of Ateneo to demand that another incident such as this will be prevented. The delivery of their service in the aspect of child safety and security is below par and leaves much to be desired.

    I hope that as parents of children that attend that school we will not choose to allow the status quo and inertia to prevail. It is this reaction that makes Amiel’s death have its meaning. The awakening that his death has brought is that a better and safer way has to be forced on the school if need be before another incident does happen.

    Hopefully, Ateneo does listen to us parents in the matter of the safety and security of our children and will not fall into the trap of turning a proverbial deaf ear to the message that this sad incident has wrought.

  3. February 26, 2009 at 9:11 am

    patrick – i totally agree with you on this one — mixing small boys with moving cars, vans and SUVs in the same space is an accident waiting to happen. that is also my primary concern.

    please email your post here to the ateneo email address i have posted here. i have sent my letter to the school yesterday.

  4. mario ledesma
    February 26, 2009 at 9:36 am

    what a senseless death! a young life wasted. it is very sad. we should all email the school authorities. this should not happen again.

  5. rose zapanta
    February 26, 2009 at 11:37 am

    Accidents can be prevented. True, there was negligence on the part of the school. I am a parent of 2 Ateneo boys in the grade school and one of them is in Grade 4. My grade 4 son saw that tragic incident when it happened as he was also waiting for me that day. Nowadays, he is scared of even crossing the streets of the school ground. He plays soccer twice a week and often crosses the main road of the school. But now, he fears for his life. As a parent, we had addressed this issue every year to the administrator. We even had to talk personally with the assistant headmaster because every year it keeps getting worse. We never received any reply. We cannot blame parents for wanting their children to have the convenience of being driven to and from school with cars. After all, we want to give them the best. And so we thought by enrolling them in Ateneo. Every year the tuition increases and we are given letters about this mentioning that those increases are for the quality of maintaining the campus at its best, for improving school facilities, addition of scholars that we help. We give and grant their request every time there are donations, contributions and fund raisings. IMPROVEMENT, IMPROVEMENT, IMPROVEMENT. Now, where is the improvement? Right now, parents are waiting for a response from the administration or even a letter of reassurance that our kids will be secured and safe. This is the effect of the deafness that the administration had shown. They had to be disturbed with the cries of those that Amiel left. Would we need to pay even more to make the school a safer place for our children? The parents of Ateneo Grade school are still waiting, but I hope this time, not in vain.

  6. February 26, 2009 at 12:56 pm

    please email your post here to the ateneo email address i have posted here. i have sent my letter to the school yesterday.

  7. February 26, 2009 at 1:01 pm

    yes, please – for everyone who has read this blog, send an email or letter to the ateneo school authorities to express your feelings and more importantly to ask them to change things at the ateneo grade school campus.

    we hope that all members of the ateneo community will send their email or letters but we will appreciate a reaction from those outside of the ateneo community.

    this should never happen again!

  8. Vic Cabanero
    February 26, 2009 at 1:14 pm

    Without a doubt, the traffic situation in the campus does give rise to frayed nerves, temper flare-ups, and just plain recklessness. One can readily observe undisciplined drivers rushing to pick up their passengers and then rushing to get out before katipunan gets too full and stops moving (that too happens every day).

    I suggest. however, that the Ateneo campus be transformed to a campus where pedestrians SHALL HAVE ABSOLUTE PRIORITY ALL THE TIME. I have often experienced trying to race accross the campus streets while observing oncoming cars picking up speed trying to prevent me from crossing so that it will spare them the effort of putting on the brakes.

    Grade School drivers are specially guilty of this. You can really see some of these drivers practically driving like hell without regard for kids crossing inside that mixed-up road area. Yung mga guard naman look the other way kasi mga kabarkada na nila yung mga driver. Siguro may libreng sandwich araw araw.

    It seems our guards are in a hurry to get all the cars out of the campus so that they can rest. There’s really nothing wrong with that per se but they must also realize that they must control traffic flow with pedestrian safety as a primary consideration. There are still more people walking on campus than the volume of vehicular traffic. I repeat PEDESTRIANS MUST HAVE PRIORITY ON CAMPUS STREETS!!!

    SPEED LIMITS SHOULD ALSO BE OBSERVED ALL THE TIME TOO. Illegal parking should be cause for removal of plates and a hefty fine. Illegal parking causes not only temper flare-ups but also causes vehicles to zig zag on their way to the pick-up zones.

    As a parting word, tricycles have to observe traffic rules. They cannot just pull over or make u turns whereever they wish. They must learn that in the Ateneo as opposed to the streets outside, traffic rules are enforced uniformly. Specially sa High School, pag one way and no u-turn, di puede sumalubong ang tricycle. Also pag smoke belcher, di puede pumasok sa campus. Again as also in the outside, tricycles are allowed to get away with anything by our guards. Do they get free rides too?

    We never had tricycles when we were students. The campus isn’t any bigger. Rain or shine, we walked and we didn’t complain. Removing tricycles is worth thinking about.

  9. Veegee
    February 26, 2009 at 3:52 pm

    I already emailed Fr. Nebres with suggestions and he replied using his personal email address and assured me of the administration’s support. I suggest parents who really feel strongly about this (who doesn’t?) likewise email Fr. Ben.

    We need to do something about the situation inside campus. Surely we do not want it to be a reflection of the chaos outside. Ateneo is our children’s second home and we need to be sure they are safe there.

    Please take time to share your suggestions

    • February 27, 2009 at 12:43 am

      veegee – what email address did you use to send your email to fr. ben?

  10. Aisa de la Cruz
    February 26, 2009 at 7:39 pm

    Hope these blog posts and future messages will reach and touch the hearts and minds of the administration. They must take a course of action immediately, as the community watches on. Concretize policies and implement, for the good of all.

    I will be sending an e-mail to the address mentioned in your online journal. A longer one. And from a younger yet still very much concerned voice.

    – Aisa de la Cruz, Graduate Student, Ateneo de Manila University

  11. February 26, 2009 at 7:45 pm

    this is a very sad story… I will write about this on my blog and help spread the word..

    Make or Break

  12. Stevie
    February 26, 2009 at 8:21 pm

    I totally agree with Mr. Cabanero that (1) Ateneo be made a pedestrian friendly campus (2) Speed limits be immediately imposed. I also strongly suggest that (3) The practice of the counterflow as a traffic jam avoidance or decongestion measure be PERPETUALLY BANNED. I once clocked myself doing 40 kmh in one stretch of Masterson drive, but there were cars that actually passed me. I dread to think how fast they were going. Cars with mobile escorts as especially notorious for speeding. Let’s live with the jams if that’s what it takes for ADMU to be a safe and green campus.

  13. MiThor Cruz
    February 26, 2009 at 9:00 pm

    We learned about the tragic death of Master Julian Carlo Miguel “Amiel” Alcantara a day after it happened. We are deeply saddened and we feel for his parents and the rest of his family… we pray that they may be able to face life even without Amiel..a true ANGEL. When we brought our son to school this morning, we made sure that we walked beside him…from the Drop Off point nearest the Main Gate towards the Grade School walk that leads to the cafeteria gate. It was a short walk that our son usually took every single morning on his own, yes… but we just wanted to be sure…starting from this day and until…forever. The flowers that were offered on the exact spot where Angel Amiel was hit stood as a haunting reminder to drivers and pedestrians to BE CAREFUL. TAKE CAUTION. That life is too short, after all…and it could happen to any one. We can never say WE KNOW HOW IT FEELS TO LOSE A SON UNLESS WE REALLY HAVE… that is why during the mass for Angel Amiel, we never did dare say to his family: WE KNOW HOW IT FEELS… because the truth is: WE DON’T.
    This incident has given us a moment to reflect.. and to make a list of some of the things that we, as parents of the Ateneo Grade School, who bring our son to school and fetch him by ourselves EVERY SINGLE SCHOOL DAY have been experiencing and witnessing all these years… and now…because of an angel…found the courage to voice out…
    As we walked side by side towards the Grade School “walk” this morning…we crossed and passed in front of the Main Gate…that gate that is exclusive to faculty members only…my son could have entered through that gate right away if it was not reserved for faculty use only. And so we had to cross to the other side…some 5 to ten steps, maybe…when a black car running at a speed that was more than necessary for such a short distance and a seemingly busy area filled with pedestrian and CHILDREN went ahead of us and through that gate. Faculty?! Or VIP?! The security guard had been a little delayed in raising his STOP paddle…but we were relieved to be there…with our son.
    To the Administrators of the ADMU, we would like to share some important concerns that we have as parents… not only for the safety of our son but for the safety of all the ANGELS OF ATENEO…
    BODY GUARDS. BODY GUARDS. BODY GUARDS. It’s okay to have body guards if you really need one. But please… do they really have to have GUNS inside the campus? We were once side swept by a van one morning. We were behind a white Explorer and working our way towards the side walk to drop off our son when a white Crosswind van went before us…and nearly collided with us. As we parked behind that second van it finally dawned on us that it was a back up car for that other luxury vehicle that came first. It was the BODYGUARDS’ ride…Three men went down and proceeded to the Explorer…where a little boy sat… we were left by the middle of the road…the rear of our car protruding hence causing traffic. The security guard motioned for us to move forward…arms waving at us impatiently…he wanted us to move on but we couldn’t until after another car left and we had space.We were irked…annoyed…especially when we heard one body ask the guard:”Bakit? Galit ba?” in reference to us. The guard smiled and replied to him:”Hindi naman po SIR.” Our son walked past their ARMY on the same path towards the walk…and another one eyed him…then focused on his name patch…. we looked at them squarely and they stood there…all dignified…and ARMED.
    Here are some more that we would want to share but will simply list down. These may or may not be directly related to what happened to ANGEL AMIEL…but for sure will open your eyes to some realities that really happen amidst the school grounds. We should know. Our eyes are wide open.
    1.GAMBLING of drivers…cards in car… or toss coin, any one? There’s a LOOK OUT…a WHISTLE BLOWER behind the tree.Is there a GUARD in the vicinity…or is the sun shining too brightly for him to see?
    2.SEX IN THE CITY…adult film viewing (X RATED)…in the CAR THEATRE…
    3.ALCOHOL any one? Don’t ask me…I only brought my WATER JUG…
    Some traffic concerns:
    1.Counter flow along the road parallel to Katipunan (fronting Football Field)…every morning causing a SAFARI of DUST and truly a DANGEROUS FEAT…for MONKEYS who are late for class.
    2.Lack of parking space for PARENTS/FETCHERS of Gradeschoolers especially when there are COLLEGE GAMES…we were being issued a ticket for illegal parking one afternoon…we simply told the guard: “Paalisin mo muna yang mga sasakyan ng College at yung mga JURASSIC na BUS ng mga ibang UNIVERSITY na naka-park sa EXCLUSIVE FOR GRADE SCHOOL parking area bago mo kami ticketan…” and he replied: “Sige po, PAGBIBIGYAN ko kayo ngayon.” WHAT?! What’s the parking space in front of the gym for anyway? Band rehearsals?
    3. Which way to go?! There’s a crossroad near the football field parallel to Katipunan…there’s a creek…JSEC…an island…a garden path for pedestrians…we nearly experienced a HEAD ON collision because it was hard to decide which way we should go…which path to follow…it’s like there are three roads to choose from…
    4.SPEED LIMIT…what’s the limit? A College student sped by us in his maroon BMW…at a speed that sent off DUST to the HEAVENS! That was during dismissal time.
    We hope other parents will have the courage and the heart to share their experiences and suggestions as well…it could have been avoided…

  14. Patrick Ferrer
    February 26, 2009 at 9:46 pm

    As a follow through on the opinions I posted earlier, I felt that I needed to initiate some action towards bringing about the change we all seek in Ateneo. And, in this, I am encouraged by the snowball of like-minded concerned parents and stakeholders of the Ateneo. Yes, stakeholders we all are.

    Ateneo needs to realize this too. The minimum investment in every child we send to that school amounts to P 680,000 over 8 years. The value of course of our children is priceless. By this measure, it is our right to demand that as stakeholders in the Ateneo, our valued children are safeguarded, protected, and secured. Given this, I do not expect Ateneo to turn a blind-eye and a deaf ear to our written suggestions but I would like to see real steps that will operationalize the move towards creating a safer Ateneo for all.

    I write Fr. Ben Nebres with the proposal to waste no time in organizing a task force composed of Ateneo management, volunteer parents, and volunteering experts with the mission to put the necessary measures in place that will ensure the safety of the children and optimize the flow of traffic. In line with this, I have contacted some persons willing to volunteer their time and effort in the event that this initiative progresses. We will be joined by the following.

    + Arch Noel Litonjua – of UP Architecture who is also a parent in AGS has offered to provide traffic planning and conceptualization.
    + Mr. Michael Gonzales – of the Institute of Civil Engineering in UP offered to bridge us with the Traffic Engineering Center that can advise us in the effective approaches to solving the problems.
    + Mr. Rafael Consunji, MD , president and spokesperson of SafeKids Philippines (http://www.safekidsphilippines.org) has offered to collaborate in providing the international guidelines and advise to ensure unique safety requirements for children in facilities that host them. I quote from their website: “Safe Kids Philippines (SKP) is an affiliate of Safe Kids Worldwide (SKW), the first-ever-global effort to focus solely on the prevention of unintentional childhood injury.”

    The volunteers above and myself are not the only ones who should contribute valuable solutions to this proposed initiative. We have many parents with relevant expertise, concern, and passion to make a difference. It would be good to include them in my letter if they would be willing to be a part of the initiative that we hope will become a task force. Interested volunteers can post their interest here or e-mail me at pv.ferrer@gmail.com and I will include their names in the letter I plan to hand deliver and e-mail to Fr. Nebres.

    For any scheme that Ateneo decides to implement, there must be a buy-in from the stakeholders. Because in the final reckoning, it us parents, the stakeholders, who will ensure that the system, policies, and procedures will work.

    Time is of the essence as the dice continues to roll. I’ve observed the security force in the Ateneo and they are incapable of changing even after the unfortunate death of Amiel. What the security force does with P 12M++ a year they receive in Ateneo sticker fees to ensure safety and security certainly has not delivered on its value. Let’s accept it. They will never care and can never care as much as us parents for the safety and security of our children. We would be remiss in delegating this important matter to them. The Ateneo management did it and they failed miserably. It cost a precious life.

  15. February 27, 2009 at 12:49 am

    patrick – i applaud your initiative. have you written fr nebres on your proposal and names?

    i definitely want to get involved and will volunteer my time and effort.

  16. Stevie
    February 27, 2009 at 4:30 am

    While we’re on the topic of safety, perhaps we can also address the issue of heavy bags esp for the primary school. Heck, these bags actually qualify as checked in luggage. Schools in the US have weight limits on what kids have to carry, and so should we. Besides, lighter bags promote the pedestrian culture.

  17. ateneo alum
    February 27, 2009 at 5:29 am

    @MiThor Cruz

    you’re hysterical. what does sex movies have to do with the issue?

    parents, here’s a question. the only real effective solution is: make ateneo more pedestrian friendly. nothing short of this will do. how many parents are willing to use school buses? that’s right school buses. there are too many damn cars on campus.

    what makes you think parking is a RIGHT? you didn’t pay for PARKING. you paid TUITION. maybe if you people followed the rules and WAIT IN LINE, there would be less accidents.

    what happened to Amiel is truly saddening and tragic.

    but please. don’t use it as an excuse to further your own whiny agenda.

    • jonas
      March 2, 2009 at 1:40 am

      pero nagbabayad rin tayo para sa car stiker na pagkamahal mahal… 600 pesos 1st 2 cars then 1000 pesos /succeeding cars… sa amin pa lang naka 7200 na ang ateneo….

      it is the school’s obligation to provided a safe enviroment ..maski sa driveway… sa parking …o sa paligid niya…. imagine… a 6 lane loading and unloading zone in the AGS driveway… kids and SUV’s don’t mix…..

      pustahan tayo… yun anak mo… hindi mo pinag tricycle tuwing papasok….?

  18. ateneo alum
    February 27, 2009 at 5:31 am

    the problem isn’t PARKING.

    the problem is people who MULTITASK (text anyone? celphone?) while driving.

    people who don’t know basic technique (put it in NEUTRAL!!!!!) when driving an automatic.

    this is a truly sad event.

    don’t go hysterical though.

  19. Patrick Ferrer
    February 27, 2009 at 9:43 am

    This is a correction in one of the names I posted earlier. The SafeKids Philippines president is Dr. Rafael Consunji. Mea culpa

    Yes, wawam, I’m writing Fr. Ben Nebres but I’d like to give some time for other persons to come forward too include their names in the letter. I’m giving it up to Sunday for more persons to be included.

    Thanks for volunteering and by the way, can I have your name to include in the letter too?

  20. RFA
    February 27, 2009 at 10:33 am

    I have 2 boys in the Ateneo Grade School. One of the dsturbing things I see everyday is that especially during dismissal, the students, whether alone or with fetchers just cross that big driveway anywhere… even if there is a pedestrian lane.

    Yes, Ateneo should do domething about their traffic managment system but at the same time, students, fetchers, parents should also observe the rules. Security guards should be strict to only let students cross in pedestrian lanes where these guards are stationed.

    Everytime I bring and pick up my sons to school, we always head to the pedestrian lane when crossing the street.. even if we have to walk a bit farther.

  21. AAF
    February 27, 2009 at 10:59 am

    Hi Mr. Ferrer & Mr./Ms. Wawam blogger. I too would like to volunteer my time and effort in case you still need volunteers for your program.

  22. February 27, 2009 at 11:22 am

    Amiel’s mom is my friend. Her eldest son in 4th year was a classmate of my son from Prep to Grade 2 and they were in a block section. I saw the commotion and my driver said it was a grade 4 student. I kept praying that the boy reaches the hospital in time. Later in the evening did I hear that it was Melanie’s. Both my husband and I are so depressed. Lesson learned? Never get the wheel from the driver most especially when we do not know how to drive. A few meters of walking won’t hurt our kids so she shouldn’t have moved the van forward. It also gives me the impression that Mrs. Torres doesn”t want to walk and look for her son either. Also the faculty parking should be open to leaving vehichles to avoid traffik. Let the teachers park elsewhere and let them walk too. After all, it’s the students who are the one paying them so they should be more student friendly.Safety should always be a primary consideration. With the rates we are paying on car stickers and tuition, it should be worth it.

    From the exhuberant fees that Ateno collects from these, why not:
    1. Make a faculty parking behind the Irwin theater for the teachers and employees. There is an existing access street to it anyway.
    2. Hire more security guards to make sure that no car be left in the drop off area without a driver. If they have no companion, they shoul park in the parking lot and walk so they are not blocking any other vehicle.
    3. Make more pedestrian lanes that are wide enough that should not be obstructed at any time. Most especially in the drop-off area, going to mcbo, going to blue eagle gym and to the soccer field. These should be policed by the security guards.
    4. Increase the fine to those who are not following rules of traffik and leaving their cars without drivers.
    5. Volunteer parents who are also just waiting should try to cross the little ones across the street.
    6. Pedestrians rule.
    7. Put more road signs that say STOP, CAUTION, YIELD to where it is vissible and followed to the letter.

    February 27, 2009 at 3:47 pm

    Hi AAF,

    Yes, we’ll need all the volunteers we can to consolidate a team that will help Fr. Nebres and Ateneo appreciate that we are seriously interested and ready to act to change the way things.

    I’ll need you name thought to include in my letter. You may post it here or send me an e-mail.

    Thanks for volunteering.

    February 27, 2009 at 4:00 pm

    Sorry I had to re-post this. I typed in too many mistakes.

    Hi AAF,

    Yes, we’ll need all the volunteers we can get to consolidate a team that will help Fr. Nebres and Ateneo appreciate that we are seriously interested and ready to act to change the way things are.

    I’ll need you name though to include in my letter. You may post it here or send me an e-mail.

    Thanks for volunteering.

    February 28, 2009 at 2:06 am

    To all that expressed interest in joining the volunteer group to propose to Fr. Nebres, thank you for sending your names and e-mail addresses. I have sent you a draft of the letter. I would appreciate feedback via my e-mail address before I finalize and dispatch it to Fr. Nebres.

    Thank you again for volunteering

  26. Stevie
    February 28, 2009 at 10:39 am

    IMHO, the problem is not about parking. There are just too many cars belonging to the Ateneo community entering at the same. If only people learn to take public transport, walk, carpool, etc.

    Ateneo is primarily an educational institution and not a mall. Educational institutions need to be pedestrian friendly. There should be more greenery and playing fields, not additional parking lots.

  27. Stevie
    February 28, 2009 at 10:58 am

    IMHO, the problem is not about parking. There are just too many cars belonging to the Ateneo community entering at the same time. If only people learn to take public transport, walk, carpool, etc.

    Ateneo is primarily an educational institution and not a mall. Educational institutions need to be pedestrian friendly. There should be more greenery and playing fields.

    (to the owner – please delete previous comment)

  28. JCS
    March 1, 2009 at 7:43 pm

    Just last year, a lasallite told me about a chain email that he got. It was about a minor parking lot conflict that progressed into a full lawsuit. Where was it? — yep, it happened at the Ateneo parking lot. How can so many things happen in such a small campus?

  29. jonas
    March 2, 2009 at 1:59 am

    walang mangyayari…. pareho pa rin…. It will only fall on deaf ears… wala kaming pakialam … gastos lang iyan para sa ateneo… hindi revenue generating….
    tutal nadismiss na ang mga bata eh… la na kaming pakialam diyan….. sa traffic problem na yan …tutal may reserve parking slots na kami… (refering to AGS staff parking), at ang ganda ganda ng football field natin noh!!!… magugulo lang yun vacant area sa likod ng lee irwin theater … bakit pati yun pinakikialaman ninyo…… ok lang makipagpatintero ang mga bata sa SUV… kasalanan ng mga magulang yan …dapat paglakarin yun mga bata papasok (galing bahay ha)…… hugas kamay kami diyan…

    p.s. i am just being sarcastic…. i truly hope that they will prove me wrong…

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