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prayers for Amiel Alcantara – killed in a car accident inside the Ateneo campus

Amiel. That was the young boy’s name. A beautiful Hebrew name that means “friend of God”. According to initial reports, he had not been feeling well that day and the school had advised his father about it. Amiel has a brother who is the seventh grade and so when dismissal time came, they were supposedd to all go home together. The boys were already in their car when Amiel got hungry and so he and his yaya decided to go to the grade school canteen to buy something.

Meanwhile, inside a van, a 30something mom, had instructed her driver to go and get her young son. If you are a parent, you know how sunduan time at an elementary school can be such a nightmare. The mother said she would just take care of moving the vehicle if need be.

From behind the vehicle come Amiel and his yaya. And that is when the accident takes place. It is vague to me but according to accounts, the van was backing up and hit the young boy and the boy must have yelled out. Rather than stepping on the brakes, the mom panics and hits the accelerator instead…

  1. Lorena Ignacio-Alfaro
    March 3, 2009 at 4:42 pm

    Amiel, eventhough we dont know each others company, but I would like you know that I was touched of what happened to you. I wish there’s a second life for you. All I can say, wherever you will be now, hoping that God will do take care of you. Help your mom, dad and your siblings cope up everything and moving on. I hope God will bless you and your family……

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