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Amiel’s Footprints – Petition Letter To Improve Safety For Ateneo Boys In Campus

if you wish to get a copy of this petition letter, send an email to: amiels.footprints@gmail.com and a copy will be emailed back to you.



Amiel’’s Footprints
A Petition From Ateneo Parents To Improve Safety For Our Sons


Amiel Alcantara, 4-Manobo, died last Tuesday, February 24, 2009. His dad, Jose, speaks fondly of Amiel as a boy who loves the outdoors. Unlike other kids his age, he would rather be outdoors than spend his time indoors watching TV, using the computer or playing computer games. We can only imagine the many small footprints Amiel must have made on the many outdoor places he has gone to, marking each one a happy moment in his young life. Amiel made his last footprints at the parking lot in front of the grade school campus when a van pinned him down to the back of another vehicle and shortly thereafter lost his life.

It is our desire to continue making those footprints for Amiel by petitioning the Ateneo de Manila University to do the following:

·         Do an exhaustive, professional and competent study on the traffic management system in the school.

·         Then develop and apply drastic, significant and meaningful changes and improvements to the vehicular traffic management system and the parking lots of the school.

·         Do all and everything that needs to be done to uphold the shared belief that the safety of our sons in school is most important, bar none.

·         The one and only motivation and inspiration for all of these is a true and deep desire that what happened to Amiel should never happen again at the Ateneo campus.

We affix our signatures and urge the school to join us in continuing Amiel’s footprints:



·         Send this to Fr. Norberto Bautista, SJ, Headmaster of Ateneo De Manila Grade School.

·         Make copies for other parents.

·         If you need more copies, send an email to: amiels.footprints@gmail.com and you will receive a copy.

  1. karl
    February 28, 2009 at 2:02 am

    i will miss u kuya amiel.the times we spend together is too short for our friendship……….i will cherish our friendship the all grade 4 section manobo is mourning at your death……..

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