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send 30,350 emails for Amiel

this blog has gotten a total of 30,350 hits since tuesday night, the first time we posted the story of amiel in this blog and hours after we learned amiel has died.

it is our wish that the number 30,350 will be number of emails the ateneo school authority’s in-box will receive from readers of this blog.

send an email to  president@admu.edu.ph and let ateneo school authorities how you felt when you read amiel’s story. and ask the school authorities to implement drastic, significant and meaningful changes and improvements in school as it relates to the safety of school children and vehicular traffic.

we think receiving 30,350 emails in their in-box is a pretty good indication that we want change, that amiel’s death should never be repeated again at the ateneo campus.

ask your friends and family members to read this blog and ask them to send their own email as well. if you know an ateneo parent or ateneo alumni, tell them about amiel’s story and ask them to send an email for amiel.

even better, also ask them to send a letter to the school authorities, names and addresses in the post below this one.

send an email a day! we need to keep sending emails to the school authorities until we get definitive word from them that they will implement improvements. with your efforts of letting others know about amiel, we can grow that number to at least 100,000 emails from today’s 30,350.

let us make sure amiel’s death will never be repeated at the ateneo campus again. let us send 30,350 emails for amiel!

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