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the good that has come up from Amiel Alcantara’s tragic death

a dad who is not from ateneo and whose son does not study at the ateneo read about the tragic death of Amiel. like most of us, when  he got home, he hugged his son tight while his tears fell as he re-focussed his heart and mind on the meaning of fatherhood and the sadness of amiel’s tragic death.

he posted his thoughts in this blog and other blogs, click here:  https://wawam.wordpress.com/2009/02/27/dear-mr-mrs-jose-alcantara-and-family-dear-amile/#comments look for the comment of Ryan Canlas.

this dad wrote his son’s school, Lourdes School Of Mandaluyong  (LSM) about his fears and his desire to improve things at LSM and help ensure what happened to amiel does not happen in his son’s school. he also got the other parents of LSM involved and parent yahoogroups.

well, the school officials of LSM responded positively – this dad and other parents of LSM will meet soon with school oficials of LSM to mop out how they can change and improve things for the better at LSM.

reply of LSM school official:

Yap, and we have re-assessment of our safety management system here and are really being more vigilant in terms of securing our children and if you notice, so much has been improved in our parking area, school bus area has been separated, there’s a required drop off point within the parking area, a maximum speed of 5 kph only within the parking area, and we have even placed a pedestrian lane along San Miguel avenue (as for shaw and saint francis, I am not so sure if it is still our responsibility but I’m tying to knock on Ortigas Center Association and MMDA)  All that matters to prevent such similar occurence is the religious compliance of all persons driving their cars inside our parking perimeter, to humble themselves and comply with all our rules and no such similar incident will happen.  You see, since we started out in revising all our parking area policies, complete with all signages, for years, thank God, we did not have any incident of vehicle related accident in the parking area at sana’y wala na ngang mangyari.  GOD BLESS!
Sir Rico DG


 email of Ryan Canlas announcing he and other parents will meet with LSM school officials to mop up ways to improve safety for LSM boys.



Thank you for the prompt actions and attentions given to my appeal. I appreciate the effort and all the positive responses. It is only now that I was able to read emails from some of my non-office email accounts since aside from the recent appeal I have for the safety of our children especially at LSM where I have a 9-year old son in Grade 4, I am also quite busy with my work and with my advocacy of helping people especially those laid off from their jobs recently due to the recession as an after-office past-time.

 Thanks to Al Amoranto and the others. I have received already an invitation from Mr. Enrico De Guzman and I intend to meet him just to ensure that concerns such as those I have raised are addressed. I live just across the street and to this day, I see several risks and threats from students crossing St. Francis Street and Shaw Blvd. on their way home during dismissal time in the midst of cars passing by.

We need not have another innocent AMIEL to put effort in addressing this. I know that there are several LSM ALUMNI ASSOCIATIONS and PARENTS-TEACHERS ASSOCIATIONS that annually sponsors school activities and enhancement projects. I believe that instead of focusing on the aesthetics, we can now start putting attention to projects geared towards improving security and safety.


The school alone much like Mr. Enrico De Guzman who is the Chief Security Officer of Lourdes School of Mandaluyong cannot do all these; we need to help as well. This need not be an expensive effort as we too can do our own part by ensuring discipline and patience as we drive anywhere especially near schools and residential zones. We also need to be supportive of projects aiming to push for similar endeavours.


As for the school officials, we can delegate an extra job for the security guard manning the gates to watch over students going out and crossing the streets where he can coordinate with MMDA and Ortigas Police for additional assistance on peak hours. I see it fit that we put up a unified voice in having someone from the MMDA or Ortigas Police to manage the traffic as the corner of St. Francis Street and Shaw Boulevard is already considered a crossing. We may need a signage, a pedestrian lane or personnel who will simply assist pedestrians to cross the street and signal a STOP sign to all motorists.


Emerald Avenue was given its overpass facility to safeguard employees; I do not think that we cannot do this as well at St. Francis or perhaps along Shaw Boulevard at the corner of San Miguel Avenue since we need to safeguard more our students. Well, I am sure that all of us have our own sets of suggestions but then again, we need to help one another in having all these materialize.


Amidst all these, we also need to educate our househelp and our kids to safety. To end, I am happy with all the positive responses.. I do hope that in the days to come, improvement in safety and security is attained so we parents can work worry-free of our children at school. Thank you and have a nice weekend to all!






  1. ryanericsongcanlas
    March 1, 2009 at 4:54 pm

    To WAWAM;

    Thank you. Your WORDPRESS BLOG along with those of you fellow active bloggers out there inspired me to blog once again. Thus, I created one with my first article dedicated for AMIEL.

    I do not know him but I am thankful for him. He is the same age as my son and yet he was able to touch so many hearts although it is rather unfortunate that I will never even get to see this angel we call AMIEL. He will be forever remembered though.

    I know there are several cases same as that of AMIEL which remains unheard and unattended but I am sure that this one has put a significant attention to all of us. Given the situation, I do hope that all BLOGGERS will continue to be vigilant in their advocacies for TRUTH, REASON and JUSTICE.

    A BLOG can indeed make a difference. Let’s keep up the good work!!! Thank you.


    Ryan Ericson Canlas
    A Father

    • Sam
      March 3, 2009 at 2:50 am

      How wonderful!!! Good for you and good for the officials at LSM! Goes to show that humility really works wonders.

      One thing I don’t like about Ateneo is their motto: Fly High. It connotes a lot of pride…the root of human destruction.

      I don’t think the officials at Ateneo will do anything because they always think they are the best.

  2. jonas
    March 1, 2009 at 11:38 pm

    buti pa ang LSM….

    dito sa ateneo….
    wala… wala ….wala…

    estudiyante pa lang ako problema na ang traffic at parking dito… kumilos ba?….

    ngayon tatay na ako… ganuon pa rin… tuwing papasok ang anak ko natatakot ako… kaya bukod sa driver dapat may yaya at isang lalaking helper ang maghahatid at susundo sa bata… at ito ang norm sa mga batang nagaaral sa ateneo….every child for himself…. protect your own… dahil sa problema sa traffic at parking…

    kaya … wala…. wala… wala….

    walang pakialam….
    walang pagbabago….

    sana mali ako….

  3. Patrick Ferrer
    March 2, 2009 at 9:29 pm

    I salute Mr. Canlas for being proactive in urgently alerting LSM Authorities towards preventing another loss. You have taken the vicarious experience of the loss of our Atenean, Amiel, and put the meaning of his death to an operational level. And, I salute LSM for their sincere and responsive action to the concerns raised by a stakeholder.

    We pray your success and we hope to learn from you at the soonest tile possible. In fact, sometime in the near future I hope for a multi-collegiate council that will ensure vigilance, collaboration, and cooperation in safety and security of all school children.

    Thank you for sharing this.

  4. March 2, 2009 at 9:37 pm

    we wish ryan, the Lourdes School Of Mandaluyong, parents of LSM and the school authorities of LSM all the best. we salute you and may you find meaningful improvements in your school.

    we wish you success!

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