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Family of Ateneo accident victim mulls hold departure order vs suspect

MANILA, Philippines – The family of Julian Carlo Miguel “Amiel” Alcantara, the Grade 4 student who was killed by a speeding van last week, said they would ask for the issuance of a hold departure order against the suspect to prevent her from leaving the country.

In her exclusive report in GMA News’ “24 Oras,” Mariz Umali said Amiel’s father, Jose Fernando, has never heard from suspect Ma. Theresa Torres after she posted bail last week.

“I don’t see her here so she must be hiding somewhere,” Mr. Alcantara said.

The Alcantaras’ counsels said they wanted to make sure that Torres would remain in the country for the investigation.

“We do plan to file a motion for the issuance of a hold departure order against Ms. Torres just to ensure that she stays,” said lawyer Rafael Aquino, one of the Alcantaras’ counsels.

The report quoted Torres’ legal counsel as saying that his client has no plans to hide or leave the country. He was also quoted as saying that Torres was traumatized by the accident but assured that she woud face the charges against her.

read in full here: http://www9.gmanews.tv/story/151243/Family-of-Ateneo-accident-victim-mulls-hold-departure-order-vs-suspect

  1. marichu
    March 4, 2009 at 9:09 pm

    My condolences to the Alcantara family…in the same way, I sympathize with Ms. Torres, who in God’s Divine Plan, was the protagonist in this very sad event. May the Alcantara family find it in their hearts to magnanimously forgive Ms. Torres, and realize that however painful the incident has been, Amiel’s time on earth was indeed short. As Catholics we believe that we are all God’s children, and it is only to HIM that we really belong. If HE has decided to get Amiel back to HIM, there’s really nothing anyone can do. Many parents have also lost wonderful, young, truly beloved children. The difference lies in accepting God’s will graciously, and moving on to more meaningful lives, inspite, despite of. I will continue to pray for Mr. Alcantara, for God to touch his heart, in ways more meaningful and spiritual. There’s really no need for lawyers to further stoke hatred in their hearts. It was an accident, which no one wanted to happen, not even Ms. Torres, who has children of her own.

  2. Mary Ann
    March 5, 2009 at 9:19 am

    I am a parent also in Ateneo who brings my son and daughter to school everyday and pick them up as well.

    I pray that the Alcantara family will be granted the grace to find it in their hearts to forgive Ms. Torres because we all know she doesn’t have the least of intention to kill Amiel. If we truly sympathize with the Alcantaras, we should help them forgive Ms. Torres rather that push them to hate her even more.

    I don’t know Ms. Torres at all, not even her son but I think, if we truly would like to help the Alcantaras, we should all include them in our daily prayers that they all be given the grace to forgive Ms. Torres.

  3. angry ateneo mom
    March 5, 2009 at 11:15 am

    I fully support the move of the Alcantaras to bring this woman to justice. The absence of intent to kill the child while inside a crowded pick-up/drop-off point of a school does not exempt anyone from being culpable for the crime committed. Being a holder of a legitimate driver’s license and driving inside the campus brings along with it a lot of responsibility and accountability. Perhaps if she had shown remorse and humility after this accident, I believe the family of Amiel would have thought of forgiving her. But what behaviour did she exhibit…arrogance, lack of remorse and i might add lack of insight–because she continues to blame her vehicle for causing the accident when in fact it was her own foot and lack of focus that made her step on that accelerator pedal instead of the brakes. Therefore, how can one forgive this kind of person who clearly does not own up to her fault? Theresa Torres is the type of person who must be taught a lesson.

  4. Addie dela Dingco
    March 6, 2009 at 9:29 am

    When a tragic accident happens, there is a victim and there is a culprit. In our present civilized time, the way to settle a score is to go through the legal process. During the primitive days, it would have been “an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth”. It is not far fetch therefore, to exact payment by running over the son of Theresa Torres by Mr. Alcantara. Back in those days it would have made sense.

    Going through the legal process is tedious, painful and expensive. It can sometimes finish off the complainant and the respondent. The only winner in this case are the lawyers. Of course because it is their way of living, their source of income. It also adds a feather to their cap whenever they win their case. Such that never mind if the accused is telling the truth or not, the objective is to win. Also it does not matter if the complainant sticks to the true events, it is required that accusations be exaggerated and complicated to qualify under “crimes in the big league”. Thus, it goes on and on and becomes a long drawn battle with seemingly no closure. For an outsider looking in, the real meaning and purpose of Amiel’s early departure to the afterlife is lost amidst the debate vacillating from petty to scandalous. It constantly reminds the parties of the cruelty and ruthlessness of the incident that it incites both to become more hostile towards one another.

    Through these all, I think Amiel is floating with the wind, playing, happy to be with his Maker. He tries to make sense of the events surrounding his departure and says “It does not really matter, I am with whom I would like to be”.

    I still think that Ms. Torres should be brave enough to face the consequences of her one moment of indiscretion. It would help ease a little the pain of the Alcantara’s. It has stayed in my mind since this incident happened and continues to burn.

    To Mr. & Mrs. Alcantara and family, I will always pray for you from hereon. You had a very good-looking and charming son in Amiel. I guess that is why he has captured the hearts of many viewers just like me. As a mother, he stays in my heart forever. I will not forget his smile though I have only seen it in pictures. His 10 years stay with you was his entire lifetime. It must be filled with wonderful memories.


  5. Cherisse
    March 7, 2009 at 4:15 am

    The fact that Theresa Torres has children of her own has no significance in this matter, especially since she did not care enough for her own son to have picked him up from the school infirmary herself. She instead sent out her driver. Perhaps her son deserves pity for having a thoughtless mother, but that is all. At the end, she will still be able to come home to him, hold him and kiss him. That is an opportunity that Amiel will never have.

    As Amiel clung onto the last moments of life and Tata Suarez lay strewn on the concrete with two limbs shattered, Theresa Torres never even tended to the care of the people whose lives she destroyed. Even in the immediate moments following the occurrence, Theresa Torres further displayed her true colors by showing no grace of compassion. Rather than mercifully finding a means to get Amiel to a hospital or help Tata, Theresa Torres’ pleas were self-indulgent and egoistic. Her calls were for people to come to her personal aid and to tend to her!

    Theresa Torres must answer for her actions and suffer the consequences. God forgives those who are truly penitent and have owned their sins. Theresa Torres has done neither of those things. The candles had already worn their wick 4 days into Amiel’s wake by the time Theresa Torres’ official statement was released. Her attorney drafted a notice that did not contain any acceptance of her involvement, much less her culpability. Remorseless and likely in sole reply to public outcry, it was neither sincere, nor an “apology” as it was so named by the press. It was more selfishly concerned with identifying herself as victim than atonement. If she indeed feels blameless, then why does she not come out of hiding and answer to the light?

    Bear in mind that HE has also magnanimously given us minds to develop and to use in order to think for ourselves. It is a tragedy, in and of itself, that people are so quick to relinquish responsibility by callously making insensitive references to “God’s will”. By your assessments, you would condemn us to believe that HIS intent is for man to live life blind to the distinctions of wrong and right. Surely God shakes HIS head at this misunderstanding of HIS teachings. However, even if we were to return to your argument, how is it then not “God’s will” or “HIS Divine Plan” for Theresa Torres to answer for her gross negligence? Make no mistake. This was no mere accident. This was an event brought on by her criminal recklessness.

    It is evident that Ateneo must make changes to its current traffic management plans to help prevent future injury or additional fatalities. However, it is important to acknowledge that it was an individual’s impatience and carelessness that caused Amiel’s death. This reflection on the aftermath also has to be about individuals exercising greater caution in all their actions, whether it is on the road, in a parking lot or wherever. This was not something that just anyone could have caused. It was the active result of a single individual’s lack of judgment and caution in a time and place (an elementary school parking lot!) which necessitated greater skill of judgment and use of caution that subsequently lead to tragedy.

    • ateneo mom
      March 9, 2009 at 11:50 am

      Cherisse: Am glad that someone like you has had the tenacity to share your own thoughts on God’s hand in what happened last Feb. 24…Theresa Torres sat in that van of hers all through the time that people were madly scrambling whether to push her van or lift it as Amiel was pinned under her left rear wheel. She did not even get down to see what she had done…this was witnessed by my own driver. That’s why I truly find it hard to imagine how Amiel’s parents are expected to just forgive her, just like that after this woman took away a precious son and does not offer any sincere word of apology and clearly does not show any actual acceptance of her fault.

      I hope that for all those praying for the Alcantaras to forgive do pray likewise that Torres would finally speak the truth and accept the consequence (whether jailtime which I strongly believe may not even happen) of her negligence and recklessness. Please stop pressuring the Alcantaras to forgive because they have all the right to pursue justice for the untimely deah of their son. Instead, pressure Torres to stop hiding and tell the truth asap!

  6. vicki
    March 10, 2009 at 9:37 am

    I can’t believe the rash judgements all of you are throwing out so carelessly. No one wanted this to happen, and even if it did–Don’t any of you know how SHOCK can immobilize a person? How can a person react in a split second? And to know that you have killed a small boy? I would be in shock for the next few weeks, months..even the rest of my life!

    I know if I accidentally killed a little boy, the same age as my own children, I would like to DIE and disappear from this earth! iAll my life, I would have to live with the knowledge that my carelessness took the life of a child and changed the life of a family forever, In one quick moment, the my life and the life of my four children has changed forever. Deep wounds and scars will be left with so many people because of something caused by me. It was an ACCIDENT no one wanted to happen! Ano ba kayo?!?!

    Instead of being so quick to judge, we must pray for everyone in this accident–and pray that something like this should never happen to you (on either side, either being the Alcantaras or Therese).

    My heart bleeds for both families, and for all that have cast quick judgement on Ms. Torres, I am outraged at your insensitivity. Seek first to understand and put yourself in her shoes.

    This really is a tragedy of immense proportions as I can’t begin to magine how Ms. Torres and her children will live the rest of their lives. For everyone, and even those who are spewing out words of hatred, I will continue to pray.

    • March 10, 2009 at 9:59 am

      who was “spewing out words of hatred”? i don’t think anyone here is doing that. outrage and opinionated perhaps but not hatred. comments made here have been sharp, intense, angry even but they are fair expressions of what people feel and no hatred.

      you need to be careful what you say here. be fair and be truthful.

      we will not allow similar comments in this blog.

    • ateneo mom
      March 10, 2009 at 11:29 am

      I don’t think she was in shock when she told Amiel’s father na wala siya magawa, aksidente yun e. I must say that I was not quick to judge Torres because upon learning of the accident I prayed for Amiel and for her, picturing in my mind how remorseful she must be only to hear the disgusting report about how she conducted herself when Mr. Alcantara went to see her. As I have said in my comment for another topic, let’s respect the opinion of everyone who posts here. If you feel sympathy for Torres, that is your opinion but there are others who do not share that feeling.

      • March 10, 2009 at 11:38 am

        both families have been hurt by this incident, their lives have been changed forever.

        there is hurt and pain for both, we can debate forever who got hurt more, the alcantaras or the torres but that is not material. torres has also a son who in in grade 4 as well. it must be hell for him now.

  7. Addie
    March 11, 2009 at 10:22 am

    I think everyone means well regardless of their opinion. What we see and read as angry words are merely forms of expression. But in the end, we all want justice for Amiel and his family and at the same time compassion for Ms. Torres and her children.

    People speak of forgiveness with well meaning intentions. Forgiving does not mean foregoing of the punishment. It means acceptance of what has happened with peace in one’s heart. It is not to belittle the pains felt by the forgiving party but to help ease them. For it is true that only in forgiving are we able to unleash the burden. It must also be all that important for God Himself to have given up His Son for the forgiveness of man’s sins.

    However, at this point it would seem a little premature. For mortals like us, the act of forgiving is a lengthy process that sometimes take an entire lifetime to accomplish. It helps to hear people speak about it now and then to remind us of what should be done in the end. I see a lot of people care for the Alcantaras to even bother to post their cents-worth of an opinion.

    It is overwhelming to observe that indeed, people are really good at heart. I myself am torn between the two families. I am deeply affected by what happened to Amiel, the pains he felt during the last few minutes of his life. I think about Mr.&Mrs. Alcantara and their longing to have been there to snatch him away from the claws of death. And how these thoughts hound them day and night. Tears of pain and sorrow must ave flooded their bed and yet there are still some more.

    As for Ms. Torres, how she must have longed to pull back time and undo what she has done. Her actions probably do not betray the turmoil inside her, but who would not want to die as Vicki has mentioned. I think about her children and the gloom that has descended into their lives, not the same kind as that of the Alcantaras, but the kind that threatens, the kind that scares.

    I heard that the for such a crime, it is 6-12 years in prison. But to some of us, would that be enough? And we continue to differ in opinion…

    • March 11, 2009 at 10:49 am

      this whole incident is not an easy one to take. it has touched many in deep and intense ways and from there strong feelings and opinions have been formed. they are expressed here, we should not look at it as who is right or wrong, just with respect that others feel the same way as you do or not the same way as you do.

  8. ateneo alum
    March 11, 2009 at 11:33 am

    The crass and utterly insensitive apologists for Ms. Torres answer this.


    What if this had happened on some dark deserted highway like South Super? What if the life of Amiel depended on Ms. Torres making that split second decision to take the little boy and the yaya to a hospital? What if hesitating for…what did you say….weeks….MONTHS would have cost the 2 people she hit their lives? All becaus she was “IN SHOCK?” I’m so sorry that there’s just no way to transmit through text the sarcasm that I’m throwing your way.

    Because a true adult would have thrown his/her own feelings aside to make sure that everything was done to save the life of the little boy and old lady that she had carelessly run over.

    But no. Instead, she let’s other people bear the burden of carrying a dying little boy to the hospital.

    So what would she have done? Stayed there for an hour in shock while the boy died?

    (note: this whole paragraph was deleted. please refrain from writing such things in this blog. you know what paragraph i am referring to.


    Intent or not, it’s still INVOLUNTARY MANSLAUGHTER. Here’s a link in case you have no idea what that is: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Manslaughter

    • dee
      March 12, 2009 at 12:16 am

      Oh my goodness!!! I am not siding with anyone here, but who are you to say how someone SHOULD REACT in that situation???!! We would all like to think that we would do the right thing and act heroically, but the reality is people react differently especially when put in a very traumatic situation. How vindictive of you.. You have never ran over and killed a little boy and injured severely a 65 y.0 yaya in a parking lot of a school where your kids study, neither are you a single mother of four…I feel for the Alcantaras and can only imagine their pain, likewise, i also feel for Ms. Torres’ and her family’s pain. But I do agree though that justice should be served and I just hope the best for both parties involved.

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