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signature campaign launched – ABS CBN website

to all the readers of  wawam.wordpress –  the petition letters you have been signing have landed on the ABS CBN website! congratulations!


Signature campaign to improve safety inside Ateneo launched

Parents of Ateneo de Manila Grade School (AGS) students launched a signature campaign Wednesday to back a petition for the safety of their children.

This is following an accident last week, where Grade 4 student Amiel Alcantara was pinned down by a van and died inside the AGS parking area.

The AGS said that the motivation of the petition is the parents’ deep desire “that what happened to Amiel should never happen again at the Ateneo campus.”

The petition is led by “Amiel’s Footprints”, a group of parents wanting to preserve the memory of Amiel who loves playing around Ateneo’s outdoors.

The parents wrote, “We can only imagine the many footprints Amiel must have made on the many outdoor places he has gone to, marking each one a happy moment in his young life.”

They are urging AGS Headmaster Father Kit Bautista, SJ, to do an exhaustive research on the school’s traffic management system.

When research is done, drastic and meaningful changes should be made to improve vehicular traffic management system and parking lots in the school.

In another letter, the parents provided a short background of the traffic situation inside Ateneo.

They said that based on the figures provided by the Ateneo de Manila administration, 5,000 vehicles enter and exit Ateneo daily.

A driver’s mafia, they said in the letter, blocks free parking space on campus. The drivers reserve it for their friends who are late in picking up other students.

The parents wrote that the school should prioritize having more parking space rather than “non-productive” spaces such as open fields and tents.

An area near one of Ateneo’s football fields could accommodate up to 150 vehicles. The open area near the Manila Observatory and Meralco’s Henry Lee Irwin Theater inside the campus could accommodate 300 vehicles.

“Let us not waste precious lives,” the parents wrote in the letter urging for immediate action.

source: http://www.abs-cbnnews.com/nation/metro-manila/03/04/09/signature-campaign-improve-safety-inside-ateneo-launched

  1. ed
    March 4, 2009 at 7:42 pm

    I hope Arniel Alcantara will be with our Lord Almighty. Shame on that lady Torres who killed the young and helpless kid. I really hope that the lady driver who was trying to escape will be haunted forever until she dies. She doesn’t know the meaning of life. If there would be a ransom for that lady I will gladly do it.

  2. marge
    March 4, 2009 at 11:27 pm

    we live in katipunan area for 25 years now. all our male relatives are studying in ateneo. the traffic that’s causing the katipunan area during the early morning and dismissal time is horrendous. simple task like going to the grocery and banks is a hurdle. the priests in ateneo doesn’t care since they live inside the campus and well provided for by the high tuition fees that they collect from the students. they don’t care if there’s chaos outside as long as they have pocketed the tuition money. shame on you!!! we send our relatives to ateneo to have a good education, for the children to be prepared for their future. little did we know that ONE CHILD, AMIEL ALCANTARA, and his grieving parents will never see his future. the arrogant priests and the careless driver ms.torres (speeding inside the campus?) murdered AMIEL! these murderers (the priests and torres) hide in the guise of an accident. hello??? this could have been prevented if they care about their students. this is ateneo, for crying out loud, not a public school. the priests hired a foreign coach, paying him a LOT of money for their basketball team just so to win against la salle. could they take care first of the little children that are studying there, whose parents are working hard to pay for their ever increasing tuition fees? the grade school students are very young, they need protection rather than a championship in basketball!

    • raechel
      March 16, 2009 at 11:39 am

      I also have a son in Ateneo, I really felt bad about the two parties especially to the parents of the lost boy. Only time will tell if they can forgive Torres, I’m sure this time will come if they will always pray and talk to God. Let us just pray for them too. For our prayers will help them heal their hearts.
      Let us stop saying bad words like murderers to Torres and to the Ateneo priests because this will not help and we are just committing sins rather than helping them through our prayers. We really dont know what’s God plan for them, Let us not judge Torres and also the priests, we are not God. There is still life after death. Our life here on earth is so short, life after death is eternal , bahala na ang Diyos sa kanya.
      Why did God the Father let Jesus died, there are reasons. Why did Judas betrayed Jesus, why did the people on those times let Jesus died……….what happened to us if Jesus did not die…..God the Father has plans. Mama Mary being the mother of Jesus , the friends of Jesus, the followers of Jesus, how did they feel about Jesus death and to the people that nailed Jesus to death.
      So after His death, Jesus resurrected, and that is where our faith is, our sins are forgiven.
      God never sleeps , He knows whom He will punish. Let the Court decides what is best for Torres, and the Court of Jesus is the final answer when her end comes.
      We are not perfect and only those people with a pure heart has the right to pre-judge anybody. We are not helping with the situation if we are talking and talking about something and including others to the situation, the more that we sin

  3. March 5, 2009 at 8:51 pm

    ed I completely agree with you about it…

    • angry ateneo mom
      March 6, 2009 at 2:58 pm

      On a positive note, it’s great that the petition letter for the improvement of the safety and traffic condition in ateneo is getting all the attention that it needs for the administration to act upon the pressing issues. This is one step to achieving the justice for Amiel’s death. However, it was truly disappointing that last night I again heard from the news that a college boy was sideswiped by a vehicle inside the campus last Tues. a week after Amiel’s death…when will the nightmare end? The college boy sustained minor injuries to his leg and perhaps will not bother to file a complaint against the driver of the vehicle. But i bet that driver will not learn his lesson.
      Re the Torres woman, I am awaitng any news or feedback that she has already decided to tell the truth about what happened that afternoon and not insist on the lies she stated on the sworn statement at the precint.

  4. kathy
    March 13, 2009 at 1:55 am

    As a driver, you should be responsible for the vehicle that you are driving. If upon waking up in the morning you have the choice of driving a brand new car or a beat up old car, i think you would certainly pick the new one, not only for its convinience but for its dependability also. Drivers depend on their vehicles. And if you drive one vehicle for quite some time already, as i assume ms. torres doen’t change cars everyday, you would know it’s performance level and would know immediately if it is broken. Brakes, in my humble opinion, don’t malfunction all of a sudden, specially brakes of new and trusted brands such as toyota.

    Secondly, a car is a small vehicle. The hudson river pilot could land his gigantic plane intact on a river saving hundreds of lives. Of course i don’t expect everyone to be as intelligent as capt. chesley sullenberger, but my point is, a driver should always have his head on the task at hand. Driving safely. If you are indeed running the parking grounds at even 30kmph, if you are level headed enough, you’d have rammed your car against the other parked cars instead. Get yourself some property damage, save the lives of the pedestrians you are about to hit, and save everybody all this trouble.

    I don’t think people like you are qualified drivers. you should have your license revoked. for good. I think every driver who has killed someone while they are behind the wheels should not be allowed to drive ever again.

  5. ateneo alum
    March 13, 2009 at 6:39 am

    Quote: The parents wrote that the school should prioritize having more parking space rather than “non-productive” spaces such as open fields and tents.

    An area near one of Ateneo’s football fields could accommodate up to 150 vehicles. The open area near the Manila Observatory and Meralco’s Henry Lee Irwin Theater inside the campus could accommodate 300 vehicles.
    End Quote.

    (WAWAM: this paragraph deleted. do not postt such things again in this blog)

    If you don’t like the way Ateneo educates your kid by allowing them the free “unproductive” spaces of football fields to run around and play in and be safe in, please take them somewhere else.

    if all you want is a piece of paper signifying you graduated, rather than an EDUCATION, go somewhere else.

    (WAWAM: this paragraph deleted. do not postt such things again in this blog)

    As if more parking spaces would have helped.

    Instead of clamoring for more parking spaces, why don’t you just learn to be better drivers and better people?

    ateneo alum : refrain fron posting personal insults, respect the opinions of others. ~wawam.

    • March 13, 2009 at 7:41 am

      first of all, it is a fact that ateno do not have enough parking spaces inside the campus. on that alone, it will certainly help in traffic congestion.

      have more parking spaces, properly designed, we hope, will effectively separate kids and moving vehicles in one space. more parking spaces will mean fetchers will need to first park, then get the kids. vehicles will only move if the kids are safely inside the car.

      kids don’t go to the football fields to run around and play, they go there only during PE classes. otherwise, they mostly stay inside the AGS campus.

      open spaces are fine but i think it’s just being too romancticized. want open spaces? go to the rizal park or go to the resorts. we live in a city, let’s face it open spaces is a luxury.

      i would gladly give up all the football fields at the ateneo just to prevent one more grade school student from getting killed in another traffic accident inside the school. wouldn’t you?

      • ateneo alum
        March 13, 2009 at 8:27 am

        what school has ENOUGH parking spaces in Manila?

        Open spaces has always been associated with an Ateneo education. Mr. Pagsi always used to tell his freshman classes that only in Ateneo do you see so much of the sky. let’s screw with all that in the name of turning Ateneo into a concrete jungle. We turn all our open spaces into parking lots, we might as well sign up and be part of La Salle.

        and nobody seems to want to listen that the lack of parking space was not the primary thing that caused this unfortunate event. it was the carelessness that Ms. Torres exhibited when operating her van.

        it was NOT THE LACK OF PARKING SPACES. it’s people who are careless and reckless. all evidence points to this.

        • March 13, 2009 at 8:43 am

          “what school has ENOUGH parking spaces in Manila?” — exactly the point i am making.

          the fact is versus the 80s, 70s or even in the 90s – THERE ARE MANY MORE VEHICLES IN THE ROAD. and since most of these schools were built and planned many decades ago, for some even centuries ago – these schools, including the ateneo, were not designed to accomodate these number of cars.

          the thing to do is to accept the reality that there are more cars now than ever and that the way it stands, there are not enough parking spaces inside the school.

          the solution is to build parking spaces vertically, build multi-level parking buildings. the number of cars that will go into ateneo will only grow in number in the coming years. the number will not stop growing, with more classes, more courses and more activities inside the school.

          and the ateneo can very well do this because it has a lot of open spaces. la salle taft can’t, for example or even UST as they in fact do not have the luxury of having a lot of open spaces like the ateneo has.

          as a parent, i don’t pay the highest tuition fee in the country for my son to see the sky while in school. i pay the high tuition fee for my son to get educated, and yes i do not want my son to die in a traffic accident inside the ateneo campus.

          i like the outdoors, too. i also like seing the sky, when i want to go to the outdoors and want to see the sky, i take my kids to the park or to batangas, tagaytay and pangasinan, NEVER the ateneo. i bring my son to the ateneo to get educated, not to go sight seeing.

  6. March 13, 2009 at 8:46 am

    let us not be blind to the fact that ateneo do not have enough parking spaces for the high volume of cars that go into it.

    building vertical parking spaces is the solution. for safety, the others of course should be done like, improved systems, better educated children and drivers on safety, more stringent rules and enforcement, etc.

    but lets start with the most basic first and lets not be in denial – ateneo do not have enough parking spaces and it has a lot of open space available to solve that problem.

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