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pepe alcantara’s text message

we got this email from an ateneo parent. this ateneo parent said this text was received this morning from pepe alcantara, amiel’s dad. we are publishing it here verbatim: 

XXX, good morning to you and your family. I have been wanting to contact you but could not find your card.

The real indescribable pain of losing Amiel starts after the ceremonies, when we see a vacant seat in our dining table.

I thank you sincerely for keeping those footprints felt. Yes, let’s harness the meaning of Amiel and let’s apply it all around us. I shall be with you all the way.

Let’s start with the most basic, ensuring the safety and quality of our “seedbed”, the school, the place to nurture our hope for regenerating our community. The process of degeneration and degradation around us is now faster than our efforts to regenerate better minds and hearts. Regenerating our community seems to be the only hope left that makes us parents and older generations feel good now and in the future. It’s that sprinkle of hope embedded in the brighter eyes and happy smiles of our children.

Let us move and look at the footprints for that hope to happen.

Please, I would like to invite you, your family and our friends on xxx to the lake house, we converge in xxx at xxx.

We are bringing Amiel to the lake, his habitat because he is truly the wind. In the evening, we shall light and float our candles of hope in the lake to kick off a yearly reminder of the meaning of Amiel.

Regards – Pepe Alcantara






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