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ateneo implements changes on safety and traffic at AGS

these were the things we observed yesterday, friday during the 3pm dismissal time:

  • there are “Parent Safety Marshals”  – parent volunteers stationed on the covered walkway/sidewalk to make sure all pedestrians and specially students stay on the sidewalk.
  • a GLC was also there assigned as “Head Marshal” – she oversees the whole thing.
  • the parking area from the pedestrian lane up to the telephone booth has been cleared of cars. cars are no longer allowed to park there. cars are only allowed to load students in that are.
  • we saw security personnel opening and closing doors of cars and lifting the kid’s heavy bags to load it to the trunk of the cars. 
  • there are at least 4 security guards manning the pedestrian lane. guards  walk with pedestrians, specially children as they cross the street. all of them hold “stop signs” and make sure all cars do not move as the pedestrians cross.
  • some pedestrians, adults and children alike don’t seem to understand they need to use the pedestrian lane to cross the street.
  • fr. kit bautista, headmaster was also there observing and helping out.
  1. bluegadfly
    March 8, 2009 at 9:41 am

    “….we saw security personnel opening and closing doors of cars and lifting the kid’s heavy bags to load it to the trunk of the cars…”

    Something’s got to be done with the luggage (I refuse to call these mere “bags”) AGS students carry practically every day. In many parts of the world, there are limits that children are required to carry. Heavy luggage feeds Ateneo’s car crazy culture.

  2. bluegadfly
    March 8, 2009 at 9:44 am

    In many parts of the world, there are limits that children are allowed to carry. Heavy luggage feeds Ateneo’s car crazy culture.

    • March 8, 2009 at 10:34 am

      yes i agree with you, they are luggages, not school bags. even adults have a difficult time pulling them and most specially stowing them inside the trunks of cars. they are that heavy!

      i bet a lot of ateneo school children will have back problems when they become adults because of these heavy luggages.

  3. bluegadfly
    March 8, 2009 at 11:41 am

    Hi Wawam,

    A lot has been said about the good that this tragedy has brought about , but I have to tell you – tough, objective, technical and systematic measures have to be implemented. Enough of motherhood statements e.g. “miracle, concern, collaboration community,” etc. I think it would be best for an objective third party to assess the traffic and car crazy culture we have and propose measures.

    The ingredients for an explosive mix are still there and these include
    – the sheer volume of cars entering the campus
    – inconsiderate drivers (including car driving parents)
    – guns (yup – guns). I bet you cars bearing the plate numbers 7 and 8 have at least one gun-totter inside. I’ve seen bodyguards with guns tucked in their belts in the past. Buti wala pang nababaril. Heaven forbid if it were an AGS student.
    – the heavy luggage that AGS have to carry daily. These contribute to extended drop-off and pick-up times; and ultimately dangerous traffic practices. And who at the AGS has even considered the health and safety hazards of kids carrying luggage. Our children carry luggage for goodness sakes not school bags.

    Sorry for going against the grain of your blog, but I’m angry that very little has been done.

    • March 8, 2009 at 11:56 am

      no, i don’t think you are going “against the grain” of this blog. in fact many others have said about the same thing you just said in many other parts of this blog.

      also, there is no “grain” in this blog. we have not set any pre-determined grain, what we are doing is following the story as it evolves. and it is an evolving story. also it will allow readers and bloggers like you to bring up topics and issues they deem important.

      as you know, comments in this blog are being moderated, we read them first before they are published. so far, we have published 99.99% of all comments made, we accept and publish all types of comments, for or against, we do not discriminate.

      we have disapproved only 00.01% of comments because they were downright silly and totally off-topic. but those are extremely rare. we are very proud of the readers and bloggers who send in their comments to this blog- most are all respectful, smart and contributing positively to the topic.

      i agree wth you on the school taking “tough, objective, technical and systematic measures have to be implemented”. in fact that is echoed in both the petition letters that have been published here and that parents have been signing.

      i invite you to write a topic you want to pursue. email it to amiels.footprints@gmail.com, we will look into it and we will open a topic or post using that material you email to us. we will of course give you credit to the post.

      we are also inviting other readers and bloggers to do the same.

  4. listen
    March 9, 2009 at 10:22 am

    My husband and I have also been very deeply affected by this tragedy. We’re also,still,grieving. Everytime we read something about Amiel,I still shed a tear. That day kasi,Feb24,we saw the aftermath of the incident. We picked up our son,who’s in Grade 6. We saw the 3 vehicles and the blood. My son told us that there’s been an accident and all that. I prayed he’d be alright. When I woke up the next day,my husband informed me that the boy who was in that mishap did not make it. I cried.
    We constantly talk about what happened. I agree that the traffic is a big issue here. We,all who are concerned,should take part in finding ways to improve the traffic flow. As parents,we should also follow the rules set by the school. They have traffic rules and regulations naman e,needs improvement nga lang yung ibang aspects,other aspects naman just need STRICT implementation.

  5. listen
    March 9, 2009 at 10:50 am

    We also think that the guards should be trained to be alert on any emergency,especially like this one.God forbid,but if there’s any of this sort happens again,at least 1guard should be in the scene right away to help and another 1 should be on the radio na calling for a doctor cuz every second counts. Ateneo should provide a radio to the infirmary so that the guards can immediately call the doctor if need be.
    Just so you know,Quirino Hospital is like 10mins away from Ateneo.Wake up call din to most of us,we should know where the nearest hospital is located near our school. When my husband and I realized this,a lot of what could have beens ran into our minds and we wept silently for a very young life lost….
    But at the end of the day,we need to free our minds and hearts from all those what could have beens and just learn from it,learn to love more and learn not to waste any second of every minute. We set Amiel free…may he be happy and in peace in the arms of Our Heavenly Father

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