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Anna Lou, Amiel’s aunt on Amiel’s name : Julian Carlo Miguel = Young At Heart And Strong Like God


Last night was only the third night since the tragedy that’s why i still found it difficult to sleep. So I got up and started doodling on my journal. I wrote Amiel’s full name Julian Carlo Miguel. What’s in a name? Julian is the combination of his parents’ names Jose Fernando and Melanie Anne. His brother Avie who was then 4 years old insisted that the baby will be named Carlo. Miguel was taken after his maternal grandfather. After suggesting several would-be nicknames, my sister chose the name Amiel. During the Ash Wednesday mass, Fr. Kit Bautista told us that Amiel in Hebrew means friend of God. I wondered what the other names meant. This morning, I asked my cousin Roshele Moreno to check them out for me. Excitedly she called back and here is what she found. The name Amiel has another meaning. In Israeli, it means God of my people. The three others are all Spanish in origin. Julian – young at heart. Carlo – strong. Miguel – like God. Put them all together, young at heart and strong like God.


The next day, I waited but he didn’t come. Instead, I got a call from my sister that he was in the emergency room of New Era hospital and was being revived. I prayed hoping that the information my sister received was wrong and rushed to the hospital. I tried to reach him but my efforts were in vain.

Yesterday, I was recounting my last encounter with Amiel. In our telephone conversation, his last words were “I like to be home”.

Amiel, our angel, you are now safely home indeed!

read in full here: http://www.admu.edu.ph/index.php?p=120&type=2&sec=29&aid=6462

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