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ateneo mom on amiel alcantara’s death: i thought i was just going through a mid-life crisis; did not feel well, have been crying since

this was sent by an ateneo mom to one of the yahoogroups of ateneo parents. it is a yahoogroup of ateneo parents from another grade, not grade 4. the parents in that yahoogroup spontaneously sent messages to the group expressing their grief and sorrow.  most were saying they found themselves in tears, some unable to control them. they could not explain why but they knew they felt so much sorrow and pain and yet they did not know amiel nor his parents.

also read  here how her grade 4 son who knew amiel  reacted to the news of amiel’s death.

this is one of the most touching posts in that yahoogroup. there are more and will publish them here once we get the permission of the ateneo parents. this one is published here with permission  from the ateneo mom.



It feels good to know that a lot of other people feel the same way I do, because I was beginning to wonder if what I’m going through is just an effect of midlife crisis, as I have not been feeling well since the news about Amiel, and have been crying about it.

What compounds it more is the fact that my Gr. 4 son was a friend of Amiel. When his dad broke the news last night from a text message he received, his face suddenly turned red, his hands shook, and his heartbeat was so fast. He couldnt eat his dinner. He finally cried around 30 mins later, reminiscing the times he spent with Amiel, and I couldnt find the words to say to comfort him as I embraced him. Then it bothered me to hear him say he was scared to go out, to go to school, to walk the pathways of AGS going to his schoolbus, to see cars. I helped him take a warm shower to relax him, and he asked me to embrace him real hard as he tried to go to sleep.

We did not witness the accident but it has affected us so much.

I so agree with Mr. xxx that counselors should process this incident with the students, especially the Gr. 4 students.

The incident was truly a freak accident, but this is enough wake up call for school authorities to do something about the traffic and parking problem at school. I, too, will let my voice be heard.

As a psychologist friend suggested, we parents should also use this as an opportunity to teach safety to our children (and their caregivers). She also told me to teach my son to pray for Amiel everytime he comes to mind, and to pray at all times for protection wherever.

And that was what I did when my son tearfully spoke again of Amiel as I dropped off my sons this morning beside Lee Irwin Theater. I believed it has helped because when he came home, he looked fine as he told me about his visit to Amiel’s wake. God is good, all the time.

Thank you for bearing with my ramblings.

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