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on the amiel alcantara death — the alcantaras: to forgive torres? the torreses: our sympathies?

there are two questions that have been appearing in this blog in many other posts. i thought i would open this post so that we can collect all the responses here for a better appreciation of the points and a good discussion.

this blog is very lucky as almost everyone who post here are very decent and mature posters. the views expressed here are very good reads and contain gems and good insights. i understand the topic i am opening here can be controversial but i hope common sense and decency will prevail and we will get good reactions here.

these are two questions:

  1. The Alcantara Family Forgiving Theresa Torres. what do you think on that one? should there be forgiveness now? if the alcantaras have not done so – can you empathize with that? agree with it? understand it? is it easy to do? can you blame them for not being able to forgive? when should they forgive? what is forgiveness? where do you find the strength to forgive someone who has caused the death of your son? what do you think?
  2. The Sympathy We Give To Theresa Torres. we all know theresa torres is the other party involved and was the cause of death of amiel. sometimes we forget, but we should remember torres is also a member of the ateneo community. she also has a son/s studying at the ateneo. in fact she has  a son who is in the same grade as amiel. torres is also suffering and in pain. the guilt of being the cause of death of a child  must be overwhelming and consuming.  and what about her son who is also in grade 4? think of the feelings, shame, horror, fear and anger the son must be feeling now. he has a mother who caused the death of someone in his own grade. how can he face his classmates? what sort of ill feelings does he have against his mother? point is the torres family is also suffering. where are you on this? your thoughts?
  1. Doy Nacpil
    March 13, 2009 at 10:37 pm

    we pity both parties…..they are both in pain and agony…but now that amiel has been laid to rest…..that;s it, he’s in rest…no more pain, worries nor troubles…..unlike the torres’ kids who in their lifetime have to suffer the consequence of this all…and of course, the alcantara’s have to suffer also the loss of a beloved son….again…for a lifetime…… whew….. where does forgiveness start?

    I just want to react over the the gravity of the case filed against torres….sana naman ….sana naman…..wag ganun kabigat…..in my own point of view, I just pray na wag ganun kabigat ang i-file ng mga alcantara. sana…God bless these two families with His peace…. that’s all i can offer.

    • bluegadly
      March 14, 2009 at 11:24 am

      the only winners in this tragedy are the lawyers.

  2. manuel cruz
    March 14, 2009 at 9:30 am

    dapat lang full extent of the law for torres. namatay ang isang batang anak.

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