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Amiel Alcantara wake: “Sir, nagparamdam si Amiel. Kinuha ng bata yung mga puting lobo.”

this happened during the last day of the wake of Amiel at the Ateneo GS chapel. we were waiting for the holy mass to start. blue and white balloons were delivered to the chapel. these are the same balloons that Amiel’s classmates from 4-Manobo class released to the sky as Amiel’s hearse left the Ateneo GS campus. these balloons has “Fly High, Amiel” printed on them.  view release of balloons here: http://amielsfootprints.wordpress.com/2009/03/08/6/

when the balloons were delivered, they came in two clusters, the white balloons were bunched together and the blue balloons were in a separate bunch. the delivery man was walking along the corridor in thiss picture which is just outside the AGS chapel. see picture below:


when we got there, it was a very quiet and still morning. the sun was very bright, temperature was not too hot, there was no wind.  a man told me that earlier, as the two batches of balloons were being delivered, at that area in the picture above, all of a sudden a very strong gust of wind blew.

the wind blew so hard that the bunch of white balloons got released, the blue balloons were intact, the delivery man able to hold on them.  the bunch of white balloons was taken by the wind towards the chapel, it bumped on the dark brown ledge on the roof (upper left hand on the picture, above), then the wind pulled the balloons down and it entered the chapel. 


above pictures show staff holding on to the blue balloons as maintenance people from the ateneo figure out (not in picture) how to get the white balloons that were now resting at the upper most portion of the roof inside the chapel. picture below shows where the white balloons ended after a strong wind took it from the outside to the inside of the chapel. the maintenance staff took quite sometime to get it down.


a sudden gust of strong wind took the white balloons from outside the chapel, under the ledge and up to the highest part of the ceiling inside the chapel. that was the only time the wind blew.


the white balloons finally pulled down from the high ceiling of the chapel

it took the staff  quite sometime to retrieve the white balloons from the high ceiling. i asked the man beside me what happened, this was what he said:

“Sir, nagparamdam si Amiel.
Kinuha ng bata yung mga puting lobo.”

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