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the kayak, Amiel Alcantara’s 1 of 2 most favorite things in Taal, Batanags, Amiel’s favorite outdoor place

the kayak, one of amiel’s most favorite things in taal, batangas, amiel’s favorite outdoor place

ask those familiar with amiel what are amiel’s favorite things in their lakehouse in taal, batangas – they will say two things and this kayak is one of the two.

the kayak now sits idly on the property of the alcantaras in their lakehouse in taal. melanie, amiel’s mom during the wake said amiel learned to ride the kayak when he was only eight years old.  just looking at them, it’s easy to imagine amiel must have learned to ride the small yellow kayak that now sits on top of the tandem kayak.

pepe, amiel’s dad said it was amiel’s love of the outdoors that he and amiel shared. it was the outdoors where they shared a lot of happy father and son moments. it is also easy to imagine to see amiel and his dad, pepe, riding the larger kayak that sits two spending good father and son time together.


perhaps at the start when amiel was still learning, he rode at the back, the dad in front to navigate the waters. then at some point, the dad gave amiel a vote of confidence annd allowed amiel to sit in front to be navigator.


that must have been a special moment for amiel and pepe. amiel feeling very proud of himself for his dad giving him the vote of confidence for sitting on the lead. and the dad a mix of feelings – feeling happy and proud that his son so young can be on the lead on that tandem kayak and sad in a way that his baby boy is fast turning to be a man.


the kayak moved through the waters, but it moves our heart looking at that picture. we can almost see amiel’s footsteps and how we celebrate them now – a young boy who has made us see many things, places much farther than the kayak has ran on the waters.  

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