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The Unfinished Business At The Ateneo Grade School

today is the last day of school at the ateneo grade school. not much traffic this morning. maybe a lot of the boys decided not to go to school today. attendance today we heard is optional.

there was something nice that we saw this morning – grade 7 boys in their new barong tagalog congregating at the blue eagle’s gym. today is the turn-over rites of the grade 7 boys to the grade 6 boys. the rest of the AGS boys will join the grade 7 boys in today’s rites, to give their older brothers a proper send off to high school.

today will be a day to remember for these boys. it might not be obvious to them yet, but high school is actually a very different world. whatever it is that got defined in grade school will be forgotten and many things given new meanings, plus many new ones introduced. stepping into their new world will make them remember the world they had at the AGS.

there were also grade 7 boys congregating at the walkway beside the grade school parking lot. some of them were just putting on their sharp barong tagalogs. once done, they will be walking out to the blue eagle’s gym for their graduation.

these boys were on the area where amiel alcantara died.

every morning when i pass that spot to bring my son to school, i see that spot where amiel died. and every morning i would see flowers placed on the spot. just when the old ones are about to completely wilt, fresh flowers are placed on the spot to replace the wilted ones. i have never seen anyone actually placing them there and i have always wondered who  are the people who do that.

i have also wondered until when will this practice of putting fresh flowers on the spot where amiel died continue.  after lunch, this afternoon is the official start of summer vacation for our sons. with the summer vacation, will the placing of fresh flowers on the spot stop? will the person/s who have been doing that since amiel died finally forget to put fresh flowers there.

those who put fresh flowers on that spot are those who remember amiel’s death and who continue to be touched by his death. they might not be aware of it, but their individual and personal action of remembering amiel has the affect of reminding the rest of us at the ateneo community to  never forget what happened to amiel.  

but more than never forgetting what happened to amiel, it is to remind us that  we should never forget that there is a very important unfinished business at the ateneo grade school – that of implementing changes and improvements at the school to ensure our sons are safe while in the care of the ateneo school authorities.

the value of remembering amiel lies in never forgetting what we all want – that what happened to amiel should never again happen at the ateneo grade school.

preventing what happened to amiel from ever happening again at the ateneo grade school can only happen if we keep remembering that the unfinished business of ensuring safety for our sons at the ateneo will continue to exist, right on the first day of school in june if we allow ourselves and the school to continue to leave the unfinished business to exist.

and to take action. if not action for ourselves as parents, we should take action to push the school authorities to take action.

after wearing their barong tagalog, the grade 7 boys who were at the walkway near where amiel died will walk towards the blue eagle gym for their graduation. it is the opposite direction that amiel walked on the day he died.


the spot where amiel's footsprints were stopped. parents pushing the school to finish the unfinished business of safety in school for boys is making sure amiel's footprints continue to be made.

if amiel lived, at grade 4 when he died, he would have had three more years to keep taking that walk towards the gates of the AGS every morning to go to his classroom. these grade 7 boys today will be taking their last walk on the grounds  of that grade school parking lot, in the opposite direction that amiel would be taking had he lived.

these grade 7 boys will be taking more walks in their new home at the high school grounds but amiel’s footprints stopped at that spot where the flowers now sit.  to keep pushing for the school to finish the unfinished business of making our sons safe in school is for us to keep making amiel’s footprints continue on the ateneo grade school grounds.

  1. ateneo mom
    March 20, 2009 at 9:23 am

    I cannot agree with you more…indeed there is unfinished business with AGS. Since there was a multi-stakeholder committee formed to review the recommendations given for improvement in the safety of our children while in school, I trust that they are seriously looking into the major changes that should be done by next schoolyear. We cannot merely rely on additional security guards to assure us of the boys’ safety.

  2. bernardo
    March 20, 2009 at 11:00 pm

    ano na ba ang nagawa ng multi-stakeholder committee? at ano ba ang ginagawa nila? anybody know?

  3. Carlos Andrei B. Dela Cruz
    March 21, 2009 at 5:48 pm

    Everyday, i think about what had happened that day, and what really occurred. I am not connected to any of the people who were involved in this incident but i am very much affected by it. Every time i read and think about the sad fate that Amiel was bestowed upon, i can’t help the building of the tears in my eyes. I became part of the gossiping of this event, but i don’t know if others, that are not related to Amiel or any of the people involved, are affected the way i am. When i go to school, as much as possible i try to pass by the spot where Amiel died, i pray that his soul will rest in peace, and that he may find happiness with God and that he will continue to watch over the loved ones that he left behind. I am a college freshmen of Ateneo but i want to pay my respects to these people who are affected by this tragedy, especially the two parties involved in the incident. I pray that they may soon find the grace and peace of God and forgive each other for what has happened.

  4. John
    March 27, 2009 at 6:41 pm

    Look at CSQC , its parking lot is strictly holded by our CSQC Academic Council. And also our school buses has its owan destination and to keep track on vehicles stickers with numbers Like CSQC 2345P

    • John
      March 27, 2009 at 6:46 pm

      Okm, let me rephrase our school council wrote it in the school handbook and buses are classifieed by operator and destination and what happened to mrs. torres case. at dapat bilasan ng commitee ito.

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