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“continue to push for radical change in completing the unfinished business at the Ateneo Grade School” -from a concerned ateneo dad

posted by a concerned ateneo dad as a reaction to this post “maglagay ng bulaklak, magsindi ng kandila at magtali ng blue & white balloons sa shrine ni amiel alcantara  bago 10am, lunes, march 23” (click here: https://wawam.wordpress.com/2009/03/21/maglagay-ng-bulaklak-kandila-at-balloons-sa-shrine-ni-amiel-alcantara-bago-10am-lunes-march-23/)

Let’s support this move and start putting flowers on Sunday March 22 as early as in the afternoon. Ateneo will surely be closing down access in order to secure the site for PM T. Blair. Additionally, they would be most interested in preventing an embarrassment from the apathy and “unfinished business” demonstrated so far to the clamor for them to take responsibility for the safety and security of our children.

We all have to continue to keep the pressure on for RADICAL change. The status quo is unacceptable to continue to exist when school opens this June. By then, if nothing has changed, I suggest that stronger measures be taken against Ateneo in order for them to own up to their responsibility. Its uncanny that our children are being taught this in that school we send them to. Now is the time for that school to practice what they teach. There will no better lesson for the children if this school demonstrates the leadership and example of what they call themselves the Atenean: “The man for others”. Let this message not be lost in the bureaucratic apathy and cowardice that most institutions default as their comfort zone.

Since my proposal for volunteering experts to help in providing a solution has practically fell on deaf ears and has been ignored, I will bring my flowers to the shrine tomorrow as a persistent reminder to AHS that we continue to demand change, that we are watching, and will not forget their negligence.

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