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boyet fajardo apologizes to 2 people, but not to the person he abused

we picked this up from the comment made in this blog,  boyet fajardo apparently has apologized to two people already – a marvin hernandez in the abs-cbn news video and to a marvin gonzales in the gma7 news video.

i guess its a good thing that boyet fajardo apologized to two people already, but it is a very bad thing that he has apologized to the wrong people. we wonder why he has apologized to 2 people but has not apologized to marvin fernandez, the duty free sales clerk he abused?!

apologizing to two people not involved in the incident just goes to show the apology is very insincere. how can you feel sorry thinking of the wrong person?

this blog is calling on marvin gonzales and marvin hernandez to please send us their reply to this apology of fajardo and we will post it here.

we like to thank the blogger for the link and information.

  1. brian
    March 26, 2009 at 11:49 pm

    with or without apology. people like him don’t deserve to get that kind of success. he is a mean and rude person. to the employees of duty free do not accept his apology . lets put his rtw out of business by not buying his clothes.

  2. cycle100
    March 27, 2009 at 11:24 am

    this fajardo is not only an ass hole worthy of being jailed, he is also an idiot.

    he had his 5 seconds of fame on national tv to apologize and he fucked it up! not once, but twice!

    a total idiot!

    boycott his clothing lines!

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