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boyet fajardo’s i-am-sorry video: not a mea culpa but a me-a palusot

we don’t think it was really a video of  i-am-sorry proportions – not even in content and most specially not at all sincere. it wasn’t at all a mea culpa, it was all a me-a palusot.

the only part that looked like a mea culpa was the opening shot where the announcer claimed fajardo shed tears. but we did not see tears, so we are not sure. invisible tears perhaps?

it was a well staged shedding of tears and very fashionable. head slightly bent on one side, eyes tightly shut but the absence of tears streaming down from the eyes were not visible.

a picture is worth a thousand words, fajardo cried silently but this picture was not worth a thousand words at all. but when fajardo spoke his words, we knew the poor telenovela copy of crying was not real.

his words did not speak of a man sincere in asking for an apology. in fact, except for one sentence – most of the sentences spoken were not apologetic but a defense, a rationalization of his actions.

in other words, hindi mea culpa,  me-a palusot ang ginawa!

fajardo wanted us to believe that he has gone through some horrible experience that led him to his acts of abuse on fernandez. and that horrible experience is justification for his actions, that we should all be sympathetic to him. he seemed to be saying he was only human and any human going through such a horrible experience at the airport should be entitled to abusing a sales clerk at the duty free shop.

he had difficulty getting out of the airport. (damn that airport!) he just had this horrible experience of going through a “long overhauled flight” (sic). (that is just torture!) and he has not eaten (probably a cheap airline who did not serve food to passengers. cebu pacific?) and gasp – he had a fever! (lagnat laki?)

all the above, if you are human (sana maintindihan nyo ko) will lead you to abusing the next sales clerk you meet. never mind that the credit card he presented was unsigned and that was the reason why fernandez asked for IDs from him.

to us, what made it very clear that this was not a mea culpa nor was he sincere at all was when he said “dahil katulad po nya (referring to fernandez), pareho kaming biktima”.

it was bad enough he referred to the sales clerk he abused as “hernandez”, not fernandez which is the name of the person he abused, but to say he was a victim just like fernandez, in this whole deal reeks of utter stupidity and true and true insincerity.

how dare fajardo claim that he is of equal status to fernandez?! compared to fernandez, fajardo sits at the very bottom, outside the margins if we drew a hierarchy of human beings.

there is only one victim in this incident and it is definitely not fajardo.

this mea culpa does not do anything. if at all , what it has done is it has confirmed in our minds  boyet fajardo is truly an abusive person and whatever it is the duty free shop labor union wants to do, they must pursue it to the end. and yes, we should all boycott the Boyet Fajardo Collection.  

o ano, me-a nakalusot na ba siya?

  1. monica
    March 26, 2009 at 3:59 pm

    the department stores should stop selling his clothelines to teach this guy a lesson.

    and for those department stores that carry boyet fajardo’s clothesline, the sales clerks should stop serving customers who buy the clothes. the sales clerks from other department stores should remember it is one of them who this guy abused.

    karma lang. dapat lang!

  2. March 27, 2009 at 4:50 am

    the department stores should stop selling his clothelines to teach this guy a lesson.

  3. kea
    March 31, 2009 at 12:19 am

    Boyet Fajardo???? apparently he is well known fasion designer but i never heard of him until he made a scene about how can people not know him.

    Well i am a filipino – haven’t lived in the Philippines for a while now but i keep up with what’s going there. and sad to say i never heard of that name. I guess he is not as famous as he think he is…

    If I am that employee- who was humiliated and treated like a nobody- a mere fake apology will not be enough. I would sue him to teach his arrogant ass a lesson.

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