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last night at the amiel alcantara shrine

last night, at around 9:30 pm, we passed by amiel alcantara’s shrine.

we saw 3 flower pots, the sunglasses, the remote control toy car and two candles were lit. 

a few things:

  • the most surprising was the lit candles. we thought someone is being diligent enough to go to the shrine at night and light them. this is very time specific. that takes devotion.
  • the flower pots are a very good idea. it is adorned by beautiful blooming flowers everyday, living things placed on the spot where amiel died.
  • the flowers are blooming. that can only mean someone or some people are diligently watering the flower pots. an ateneo gardener? an ateneo parent?
  • the flower pots, the toy car and the sunglasses were arranged neatly. someone took the pains to fix it and put some order there.  an ateneo maintenance man? security guard? a parent? 

the ateneo community continue to remember and pay tribute to amiel.

we also saw bond paper sized posters around the shrine. it had the image of footprints with a pair of angel wings on them. yes, that is the spot where amiel’s footprints stopped. but they now have angel wings for us to follow and to continue.

  1. January 19, 2010 at 2:00 pm

    Almost a year now on the 24th of February, 10-yr old and 4th graded Atenista AMIEL ALCANTARA cries out from the grave, WHERE IS JUSTICE! Our beloved Amiel was killed willfully through the deliberate unlawful act of accused Ma. Teresa Songco Torres. Join the group for AMIELs cause.


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