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Xavier House : 3 points – SM did not buy it, it is for sale and conservationists appeal to save it

there are now 3 points on the xavier house:

  1. SM did not buy the property but they did buy a 2,000 3,000 square meter property near xavier house that will eventually be turned into a supermarket.
  2. fr. bobby yap, treasurer of the Society Of Jesus in the philippines has confirmed plans to sell the property “in light of financial problems the province is facing.”
  3. conservationists have appealed to save and preserve Xavier House for it’s heritage and historical value to the nation

but perhaps there is fourth emerging point here that is equally disturbing and that afects the jesuits we all have learned to admire and to  love.

Fr. Jose Cecilio Magadia, provincial superior of the Jesuits in the Philippines says the SJ is in “(dire) financial straits” and need to sell its real estate assets. they are having difficulty attending to the aging jesuits, thus they have put into motion a plan to move them to one lacation, perhaps at the ateneo de manila university.

Magadia did not deny that there were plans to sell Xavier House, but lamented that the Inquirer “tends to misrepresent the whole issue as if it were nothing more than a moneymaking scheme.”

“It brushes aside the reality that the province is in [dire] financial straits, exacerbated by the ongoing world financial crisis,” he said.

He further explained: “The rising costs of medical care for our senior and infirm Jesuits and formation for our younger men have taken a toll on province resources. These resources are dedicated to almost a third of Philippine Jesuits who are in formation, and an even bigger group of some 110 who are over 70 years of age, 61 of whom are 80 and above.”

“Along with this, the province also has to support other works that are not self-sufficient. It is unfortunate that people do not realize that the province is not Ateneo de Manila or Xavier School, and that funds do not come out of one big pot that is commonly shared,” Magadia said.

He said Father Reuter was “very much dismayed at and disturbed” by the Inquirer article [that appeared on Monday] for the “distortions it presented and the picture of him and of the Jesuits that the article unfairly painted.”

“Father Reuter continues to affirm that the Society of Jesus he entered almost 75 years ago has always cared for him and will continue to do so to the end. He well knows that despite all difficulties, the Philippine province remains committed to make sure that all our Jesuits in our different communities are provided for and attended to,” he said.

read in full here: http://newsinfo.inquirer.net/inquirerheadlines/nation/view/20090401-197310/SM-wont-acquire-Father-Reuters-home

what the conservationists are saying: http://newsinfo.inquirer.net/inquirerheadlines/nation/view/20090401-197311/Save-Xavier-House-conservationists-appeal

  1. chill
    April 3, 2009 at 8:17 am

    thank you.
    a voice of reason among a hysterical mob.

    if the conservationists want it preserved then they should buy it and pay for the upkeep.

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