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during amiel alcantara’s accident – ateneo mom wondered: “why are security guards doing nothing?”

we received this email from an ateneo mom. we are publishing it here verbatim with her permission. it is the policy of this blog not to identify posters for privacy and security.

this ateneo mom was at the parking lot at the time of amiel’s accident.

i picked up my son that day and i was making my way out of the driveway when i sensed that something was happening because i saw hundreds of people running towards what is now amiel’s shrine.
i didn’t see the accident itself. i was driving my car and my windows were up. i didn’t stop because i didn’t want to cause a traffic build up. i thought that if there was a real emergency, the last thing they needed was for rubber necking drivers to slow down the traffic flow out of campus.

but i did not think that the incident could be so tragic. i have brought my boys to school everyday since 1999, i have seen cars scratch and bump each other . . . i mistakenly assumed this was just one of those incidents.

the body language of the guards also didn’t lead to me think that the incident was extra-ordinary. i just remember that the guards were doing what they always did at that hour — which is practically nothing.

i pick up by son at 4 pm to avoid the traffic. at the hour, the guards are standing along the driveway but they are typically not paying attention to anything . . . you can get boxed inside the cordoned area, and the guards would not care. they are typically chatting with each other or standing in the shade chatting with other drivers.

i’ve spent hours on that driveway and i’ve pretty much picked up a sixth sense to guess what’s what . . . the people running towards the site made me wonder what was happening, but the guards didn’t seem to be too bothered by the ruckus.

when i learned about amiel’s death later that evening, i knew that that was exactly what i had seen at 4:15 pm or so. i suddenly felt weak and nauseous. i was angry and my stomach started hurting. i couldn’t sleep that night . . . and i’ve been combing through the blogs since then wondering what we can do to prevent a repeat.
i am sending you this email to help you in any way. i didn”t see the accident itself . . . and i can only really testify as to the ignorance  unresponsiveness of the guards . . . which makes we wonder why ateneo’s solution is hinged on putting more guards?!?!?

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