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the ironies on the curious case of ted failon

it is ironic to read that ted failon, a member of media and renowned tv news anchor telling the hospital staff – “no media, no police, please”.

as a media man himself he knows media will go after the news no matter what. media will always be there. he also knows the police will always be there and in fact should be there in any death of this type. and he in fact knows that the second best source of news and information for media is the police. media will automatically go to the police to get information.

for a media man whose ways is to seek the news and get the info from the police, it is very strange to hear those words from him.

it is strange from our point of view, the audience. but we do understand that it is not strange for ted failon, the person. the fact that we are not involved allows us to see the irony. but for ted failon who is directly involved, it is the human thing to say.

the other strange part of this curious case are the news reporters of abs-cbn, the other networks and most specially the other two 2 anchors of TV Patrol World where ted failon is an anchor. and also for korina sanchez, ted’s partner on radio.

must be tough for these media people, specially ted’s co-anchors to be objective and professional about the whole thing. they cannot not cover the incident with ted’s wife. the woman is the wife of a popular tv personality and what happened and the story that surrounds it is just too sensational to ignore.

it must take a lot of emotional and mental strength to be able to cover and deliver the news on this incident for ted’s co-anchors in his tv and radio programs.

abs-cbn’s spokesman even released a request to media to “respect the privacy of ted failon and his family. ironic that abs-cbn is asking that of media when that has been often told to them by people they feature in their news programs.

there is another part of this – the woman who got shot,  ted’s wife. it seems she has been lost in all of these. a large part of the news is on ted failon with very little on the victim. there is irony in that too.

i suppose that is the way of media. it is something we need to accept as part of the dynamics. there are many components of this whole incident that begs to be analyzed and reflected upon by those who are involved in media. there are many ethical, moral and philosophical questions that need to be answered.

we are all curious. but when all that curiosity has been satisfied, it will need time to reflect.

Cops doubt Ted Failon’s wife attempted suicide

MANILA, Philippines – Police doubt that the wife of broadcast journalist Ted Failon committed suicide because the wound in her head was apparently not a result of a contact shot.

Franklin Moises Mabanag, chief of the Quezon City Police District-Criminal Investigation and Detection Unit, told GMA News on Wednesday that based on “initial” findings, Trinidad Etong’s gunshot wound was not inflicted through contact shot, which means that the muzzle of the 380 pistol used in the shooting was not closely in contact with her temple.

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