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the curious work of the police will save or crucify the person responsible for the death of ted failon’s wife

our deepest condolences to the failon family for the death of  Trinidad Etong, wife of ted failon. the death of a love one is a very difficult for any family and the circumstances of her death plus the media extravaganza that it has engulfed it will make it 100 times more painful and difficult for all of them.

we pray for the eternal repose of the soul of trinidad. we also pray forr strength and peace for the failon family.

Failon charged; wife dies
Family at bedside; Ted charged with obstruction

By Julie M. Aurelio, Nikko Dizon
Philippine Daily Inquirer
First Posted 01:05:00 04/17/2009

MANILA, Philippines—When it rains, it pours—and it’s pouring for broadcaster Ted Failon, whose wife succumbed to a gunshot wound in the head Thursday night even as he himself was charged with obstruction of justice.

Failon’s wife of 25 years, Trinidad Etong, 44, died at 8:50 p.m. in the intensive care unit of New Era General Hospital in Quezon City, where she was brought after a bullet was fired to her temple on Wednesday.


reading through the news reports and watching the tv news reports, it is easy to conclude that the whole thing sounds like a badly written, badly directed telenovela.

we seem to know many facts, small details in many cases but they don’t necessarily fit into one coherent and logical whole. police work will make the big difference in this sensational case. the police need to put together all these small pieces into a smart and clear composed puzzle.

having said that, is there hope for us then or are we clutching on straws?

we are addicts to american tv shows on police work. in recent years, we even have at least 3 doses of CSI and other medical and detective tv shows that we feel we easrned a diploma on crime investigation. in many ways, those american tv shows have defined our expectations of the kind of police work the Philippine National Police will deliver to the courts.

that is of course a pipe dream. but can we be blamed for it? it’s not our fault that our minds have been shaped by ammerican tv shows like CSI and American Idol, philippine tv programs are stuck in the 60s/70s where plots and storylines are those that nora aunor and Vilma santos can still play – love stories of the rich and the poor. the other genre of pinoy tv is the fictional characters and super heroes that mars ravelo as a komiks genius started in the 60s. american tv shows have taken us to the 21st century, pinoy tv shows have put us in limbo in the 60s.

but i digress way too much, i apologize.

we don’t really trust and admire the police, just like many other governement institutions in our country. we have seen them make a fool of themselves too often for us to hope that they can get this puzzle to fit into one whole. this might need a senate inquiry to get it done. or maybe ask the US military to fix this for us, VFA style or ask tony blair, the former british prime minister to get it done. better yet, perhaps we should ask the writers and actors of the CSI tv series to solve this for us.  

we have done our own reflection as to why this sounds like a badly written and badly directed telenovela. our conclusion is that we are in this situation here because there is just too much information.

i’m sure ted failon has been getting a lot of advise but we offer him one more unsolicited advice – stop talking to the media. well ok,  two, if you must talk to the media, manage the message, define your own plot.

there is one more irony in that.

ted failon is a veteran and awarded radio and tv journalist. he must know that to make a story compelling, it needs to have a form, a specific shape and a specific direction. he should also know that there are always thousands of information and detail on a story and a good journalist, a good communicator is one who will strategically discard many but choose only a few so that the form and direction of the story is clear and controlled.

the irony is that for a communication practiti0ner, he has failed in communication the story well.

this is also understandable – ted is not the objective gatherer and reporter of the story bits, he is right in the middle of it. in fact, one can argue ted has become the story, not even the death of his wife.

that is one of the points i had proposed those in media reflect upon – where do you draw the lines between you the human being and you the media practitioner.

as media practitioner and detached observer it is easier but for ted that is a most difficult task as the lines that are being drawn run smack across his own body.

i would suggest to mr. ted failon for him and his family members to stop talking to media about anything. and more importantly, i would suggest that he hire a communication expert to direct and strategize on the messages that he and his family will release to the media. this is most important now as it does not only involve media content, it can involve jail time for him and/or others in his family.

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