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abs-cbn responds to wawam.wordpress post on abs-cbn’s ted failon news coverage

we had published our views on the news coverage abs-cbn aired on  the ted failon story, actually the death of ted failon’s wife where we said we thought abs-cbn was not impartial in it’s coverage. we thought abs-cbn did not just deliver the news, it editorialized the news and delivered a slant or a message to the public. (read here:  http://tinyurl.com/cq4hj5)

we are printing here a response from someone who claims to be maria ressa, the head of abs-cbn’s news & current affairs department. that was the name used in the comment posted in this blog (view the comment on the same post http://tinyurl.com/cq4hj5) and the email used to register the comment. note that we have not confirmed if the person who posted the comment is actually maria ressa. we will gladly retract the comment and this post if we get confirmation it is not her.

in the meantime – just a note on maria ressa. we have seen ressa at cnn news clips when she was the cnn jakarta bureau chief. she has done extensive and admirable work for cnn covering jakarta and other parts of asia.

wawam.wordpress thanks ms. ressa for her response to our blog. our response to her comment is next in wawam.wordpress. 

maria ressa

First, thank you for watching TV Patrol and Bandila (where the Ces interview with Ted aired). For the purpose of debate, I want to challenge both the Inquirer article and some of the reasons you used for your conclusions.

On the Inquirer article, I find it funny that ABS-CBN was criticized for following the police while “the MEDIA” in general was praised for following the police! (Read the bottom part which talked about the footage of police arrests, and you’ll see that Inquirer didn’t write that that footage they praised was from ABS-CBN).

I think you’d also be interested in knowing that the media critics they quoted also criticized the police, the Inquirer and GMA7, but all that was cut out of the article. I’ll be writing a letter of complaint to their ombudsman and editor-in-chief so stay tuned.

As far as what you said about ABS-CBN interviews, I’d like to offer you other interviews and stories where we’ve focused as much, if not more attention, than we did on the Ted Failon story.

Ces also did an exclusive interview with “Nicole” – the alleged rape victim. That was only part of a coverage that was so exhaustive that Bandila became the first Philippine newscast to be nominated for an Emmy – ranked the fourth best newscast in the world by the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences.

Karen Davila did an exclusive interview with Sandra Cam, the whistleblower against jueteng who was afraid for her life. Jing Castaneda did an exclusive interview with Joey De Venecia on the NBN-ZTE deal (both stories covered in depth for weeks). I can name many more, but of course, you would expect me to defend my news organization.

You know that we broke the Proclamation 1017 stories, Danny Lim’s coup attempt, the Garci scandal, the Hyatt 10 (Ricky Carandang did a fantastic job with that exclusive and the exhaustive coverage following that).

So, no, I think it’s flawed to say that we only covered Ted Failon because he’s our anchor. In fact, some critics said early on that we didn’t cover the story BECAUSE we were protecting our anchor. We gave that space early because he – like any victim of a family suicide – asked for it. DZBB, by the way, said it would also follow his request. That, however, was only good until the police began portraying the shooting as a possible murder attempt – what they called parricide.

The picture I can’t get out of my mind is Col. Mabanag taking Trina’s letter and showing it to reporters, asking them to read it, then using it to fan himself.

I only ask that you not take what’s written as gospel truth – both the Inquirer’s and what I’m writing now. Check it out. I know what I write you will stand up to scrutiny.

-from maria ressa
head & vp ABS-CBN News & Current Affairs Department

read other posts in this blog on ted failon: https://wawam.wordpress.com/?s=ted+failon

  1. marie ledesma
    April 26, 2009 at 1:42 pm

    dear miss ressa,

    is it possible for you to ask your news organization to cover what is happening at the ateneo grade school parking lot?

    the posts in this blog is saying nothing has been changed at the ateneo parking lot, that means ateneo seem to have decided it will not do anything to help improve safety at the school, making the possibility of another child getting killed at the parking lot a clear possibility.

    i know that all ateneo parents are very concerned and worried at this development at the ateneo.

    your tv station has previously aired news footages on amiel’s death, i believe this is a good follow-up to what you have done previously. please help us parents in preventing another death at the ateneo parking lot.

    thank you.

    marie ledesma, mom of a grade 6 student

  2. martin segovia
    April 26, 2009 at 1:47 pm

    congratulations to wawam.wordpress! this blog is being read not just by ordinary readers but also people from traditional media.

    i read this blog for news and developments at the ateneo re amiel alcantara’s death, it’s good to see that there are other discussions in this blog that others find worth reading about.

    i hope abs-cbn continue to read this blog and please consider the request of an ateneo mom to report ateneo’s non-action on improvements at the parking lot.

    all ateneo parents will be grateful to abs-cbn’s efforts. we will all be watching abs-cbn news programs!

  3. May 2, 2009 at 5:43 am

    I believe in my heart Ted Failon killed his Wife.
    because for some obvious unexplainable act or reasons that he can only explained.

    • May 2, 2009 at 10:42 am

      lets hope the NBI and the police get all the evidence in so that justice is served.

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