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Amiel Alcantara: survey form released at AGS – too little, too late

it’ s interesting that the ateneo is just now asking parents to fill up this survey form. the questions are very basic questions  – what car they use, what time their vehicles go the ateneo, etc.

they found the need to get these basic information with just 40 days to go till start of school and 60 days since the death of amiel — with such basic questions and this late, it’s a survey too little, too late.

they are basic data, you need these kinds data before you do any analysis and planning for any new traffic scheme. doing the survey now can can mean either the AGS has not done any new traffic scheme or they developed a new traffic scheme without the input of any relevant data.

it’s hard to decide where ateneo is at this time. there has been no changes at the main ateneo parking lot, so that means there will be no changes from last year. that seems to say its probable they are yet to develope a new traffic scheme. will that be operational by june?

the multi-stakeholder task force was formed some weeks ago, so we can assume they were doing something. let’s assume that they have been doing some work, even though we have not heard anything from them. if they have developed a new traffic scheme, that means they did so without the benefit of even these basic data the survey seeks to get. with no data input, that puts into question the quality of whatever new traffic scheme they have developed.

add to that the lack of changes at the parking lot, that goes back to the conclusion we made – with no relevant data, plus no changes at the parking lot, it can only mean the dangers and risks that got amiel killed in that parking lot remain.

from and ateneo mom:

Time surely flew by so fast, half of summer vacation is over. What I observed during the enrollment last week was the survey given out to the parents. The survey was drafted by the Multi-Stakeholder Committee and consisted of around 5 questions ( if I remember correctly). My impression of the survey was that it doesn’t really say anything about the physical improvements that should have been done by now. In fact that survey should have been done before the end of the schoolyear, for whatever purpose it will serve.

read in full here: http://tinyurl.com/dgktn6


note: many thanks to an ateneo mom who scanned this, sent this to an atenneo dad who in turn sent us a copy.

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