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wawam.wordpress to reach 100,000 hits this week – a new milestone

as of this writing, wawam.wordpress  has 99,003 hits. 100,000 hits will most likely get done within the week or tomorrow, thursday at the earliest.  it will be a new milestone. 

the internet and blogs is a new medium that we just recently tried. it is relatively new to the world but certainly very new to us. and we are learning a lot about the medium. we are able to acquire skills and are able to harvest insights first hand. 

we think we have acquired a good number of very workable insights about the internet/blog audience, writing style and content, use of facilities, traditional media, traditional media practitioners and the audience outside of the internet world. there are many dynamics that exist among those various components that are consistent with the dynamics in real world communication, advertising and marketing. but more importantly, there are dynamics that are unique to this medium called the internet and blogs.

a friend has suggested we should write a book about these. thinking about it, yeah we thought that is a good idea. though this blog is just less than 1 year old (first post june, 2008), we think we have enough material to write at least 2 books – one on the communication part and the other on the human interest part.

contents on just the behind-the-scenes are a lot already. these behind-the-scenes are developments, communications and actions that have occurred  that we do not write about in this blog that serve as backdrop and even motivation for the posts that you read in this blog. they are not the boring type at all. in fact these behind-the-scenes stories and developments can read like a spy thriller full of intrigue, power, twists and turns and a lot of surprises. 

if written, it will be a good read for advertising and communications students and those into human interests stories. 

join us and celebrate the upcoming milestone of wawam.wordpress reaching 100,000 hits sometime this week! 

we like to thank readers and contributors to this blog for pushing us to reach the new milestone of 100,000 hits.

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