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reason why ricky hatton lost to manny pacquiao

i am sure boxing experts will have their say on why hatton lost the fight. no doubt most of it has a lot to do with manny pacquiao’s speed and punching power. even hatton admitted he was unable to see pacquiao’s left fist coming at him.

there will also be things like the kind of preparations that hatton made for the fight. it looked like hatton had some problem on his weight. taking down that weight just days before the fight zaps some energy out of any fighter.

i would also think pacquiao’s preparation had a lot to do with it. pacquiao strikes me as a fighter who is not only very disciplined, he is one who likes game plans and sticks to them. freddie roach is an excellent trainer and a brilliant strategist. he is a good tandem to pacquiao who seem to be someone who sticks to the plans and strategies his trainer plots for him.

combine an excellent strategist with a well disciplined and hard working fighter and it can be a lethal combination which has been proven in this fight and others pacquiao and roach have had together.

team pacquiao seemed to be a well-oiled machine. after the knock-out, the ring was a mess with hundreds of people inside it. you can see manny towards his side of the ring, just walking around.

then you see someone on the right side of the screen call out to manny, makes a hand signal pointing down to the corner. we see manny looking at the man, acknowledging the signal, a small nod and manny proceeds to go to the corner, kneels down and prays.

kneeling down at the corner ring before and after  a fight is a pacquiao thing to do. his team knew it and someone in his team reminded manny about it which manny quickly followed.

that tells you the kind of great organization manny has in his corner. even the smallest details are not forgotten. over and above all the excitement and the confusion in that small ring, someone in manny’s team remembered and got manny to do it. manny already the champion and the legend very humbly follow the signal from someone in his team. 

there is one more aspect to hatton losing the fight that we suggest the experts need to look into – hatton’s shorts!

i have to admit, i don’t watch a lot of boxing matches but of those i have watched, hatton’s shorts in this fight caught my attention. i sorta got fixated on it. one immediate conclusion i made is that it  will definitely not win in the next installment of Britain Got Fashion Talent tv show!


it had tussles all over! there is a string of white tussles that arch from his hips down to his back and up to his front. then he had smaller white tussles on the legs. plus add to that the shorts had slits on the side. the mile-long tussles on his shorts were making me dizzy as be bobbed up and down to avoid pacquiao’s punches.

as if the tussles were not enough, hatton’s shorts were shiny all over. the red and white applique for the british flag was shiny, they looked like sequins. not only the applique but also the main black cloth of the shorts had glitters on them. those sequins and glitters on the shorts were reflecting light on my eyes that i could hardly see hatton avoid pacquiao’s punches.

and finally, and this one is really a mystery to me – what’s with the gold and blue lace applique that ran diagonally on the legs of the shorts? was it some kind of an accent? as in lace accent?

i’m afraid there isn’t one, but the sport of boxing should come up with some kind of manual that sets guidelines on the designs of shorts of boxers. this is critical so that a boxer like hatton does not lose his fight on account of his shorts.

  1. May 5, 2009 at 9:49 pm

    if you will look closely at the clips or any replay, the dude who was pointing downwards was actually from HBO. He was wearing black with HBO on his back and it makes me think that he is one of the floor director.
    check my post: http://downybearded.wordpress.com/2009/05/03/tko-or-scripted/

  2. May 5, 2009 at 10:01 pm

    the hand that was pointing down was not that of the HBO man, its someone from pacquiao’s team.

    the film actually showed the person for a few seconds. manny was sort of walking around, almost aimlessly, then as the camera pans to put manny on frame, the man was biefly shown. the person who pointed down looked like it was freddie roach, actually.

  3. armouredprincess
    May 6, 2009 at 1:13 am

    Oh well, there are just countless things that are beyond periphery and most especially beyond that four sides of the television screen – gatekeepers.

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