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an ateneo mom: we need more than rules for safety

I just got the 2009-2010 car sticker this week and I noted that a separate sheet was asked to be signed aside from the usual application for the sticker. The sheet states that I understood the traffic/parking rules and regulations of the Ateneo and that upon entering the campus I automatically agree to follow those regulations and pay the corresponding fines when I violate any of them. Then another sheet was handed out which contained the new traffic/parking rules and regulations.

Though the print was quite microscopic for me, I read through it and found that they even included how the new traffic signs would appear and what they meant.

One of the questions that I had in mind was regarding the speed limit. It said 30 kph along the driveways and 10kph in the parking lots. Will the guards be able to tell if a vehicle was moving above the limits? And even in Amiel’s case, only in the courts will the speed of Torres van be determined because it has already snuffed out an innocent boy’s life.

I know Ateneo is trying to appear to be more strict by coming out with this minor changes but what we need is a physical and / or structural development that will once and for all separate the students from the moving vehicles.

 -comment on this post: http://tinyurl.com/cyhko5

all of the vehicles that go inside the ateneo campus pass through metro manila streets and it’s easy to see that what works there are not just traffic rules, not even the presence of traffic enforcers, but barriers.

i am not a total fan of the MMDA but the way they have managed our streets is through structural changes. they removed obstructions to improve flow, they added barriers to direct traffic, opened up islands to allow u-turns and  applied small road humps to slow down traffic. the point is they did structural changes on the roads either by adding, removing, opening up or closing up the roadways.

sure they added traffic personnel but we are all witness to the fact that just having traffic enforcers is not enough. it does not work all the time. what seems to work on metro manila streets is the combination of first structural changes/additions plus traffic enforcers.

why should the solution inside the ateneo campus be different from what is being done in metro manila streets? they are exactly the same drivers who are in metro manila streets and inside the campus.

it’s a sad thought, but i think ateneo is simply just saving money in not doing any structural changes at the AGS parking lot. i am very disappointed that ateneo is saving money over ensuring the safety of ateneo grade school students in that parking lot.

is the money ateneo saving worth the next life of a boy that will be taken at the AGS parking lot?

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