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an ateneo mom: parents need to be involved

Were safety experts consulted by the AGS multi-stakeholder committee ? Ateneo parents should get more involved about the matter and not just leave everything to the committee. Or are most of them just indifferent ? Kawawa talaga si Amiel !

comment made by an ateneo mom: http://tinyurl.com/cgmldr

we do not know the composition of the multi-stakeholder committee. aside from the initial announcement that ateneo will be forming a committee to look into the safety at the parking lot, no other announcement was made by the school. we also do not know what work has been done.

but based on the fact that nothing new has been done at the parking lot, it’s either the multi-stakeholder committee has not done any work or they do not intend to change anything in the traffic scheme being implemented in the school.

the most logical of course is that they should have consulted experts on safety. we go to experts for specific problems beyond our own capabilities. as parents, we see doctors when our sons are sick. we consult lawyers if it is a legal problem. in this case, this is about safety in the parking lot, architects and engineers are the experts to go to.

did the committee consult experts and professionals? we do not know. but i suppose we will know very soon. it is reasonable to expect that the school will need to let parents know what their plans are. when that happens, parents need to be vigilant and ask all the right and yes, tough questions on what they want to do in that parking lot.

this much i can say — if there are no changes in that parking lot, the same danger that got amiel killed is still there. kawawa naman si amiel and the next child who will meet an accident there.

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