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top questions to ask on the new AGS traffic scheme

with little, major or no change, ateneo sooner or later will need to talk to the parents about the new traffic scheme that they will implement next school year. when that happens, these are the important questions they need to ask ateneo (in no particular order):

  • what caused the tragic accident that killed grade 4 boy amiel alcantara?
  • how does the new traffic scheme prevent, minimize or remove what caused the tragic death of amiel?
  • did the school consult professionals or experts on safety and traffic management? who are they? their credentials?
  • did these professionals or experts design the new traffic scheme? how much involvement did they have in its development?
  • how many traffic schemes were considered? why was this chosen? if only one was considered, why so?
  • what does the school plan to do with amiel’s shrine?
  • if the new traffic scheme has little changes from current, why is that so? how will the new traffic scheme improve safety in school when very little changes have been done?
  • why is the school doing very little structural changes or additions to the parking lot? it stands to reason that physical barriers and infrastructure changes/addition will control traffic and improve safety significantly, why are there few or little changes?
  • if few/minor changes and no/very little infrastructure changes/additions, it means the school did not want to spend for these things. is this true?
  • what are the school’s plans for it’s security guards – they are too few and ill-trained for the task of improving safety and preventing traffic accidents.
  • does the school plan to have its own ambulance? amiel was brought to the hospital through the kindness of another ateneo mom, that should not happen again.
  • does the school have an emergency response plan/program? the amiel accident showed it did  not have one.

everyone is welcome to add to this list, will post it here.


it is important to ask the tough questions as this concerns the safety of our sons at the ateneo parking lot. what happened to amiel was a very painful experience for all of us parents and our sons, the school needs to learn it’s lesson and seriously change things for the better at the parking lot.  just to remind everyone that this is no small matter, the changes that they will do to the new traffic scheme will mean the safety or no safety of our sons at thee parking lot.

  1. mayette san juan
    May 9, 2009 at 1:32 pm

    with “penny changes” at the ateneo parking lot, i think that amounts to ateneo ignoring the overwhelming sentiments of AGS parents. not only that, it seems the school trivialized the horrific accident that killed amiel alcantara in their parking lot.

    i have re-read the comments of parents in this blog – specially those on their suggestions on how to improve safety in school. it is clear to see in those suggestions that the parents expect the school to implement what one parent calls “radical and significant changes and improvements” in the school’s traffic scheme.

    with the pictures shown in this blog, it seems like no change to very minimal changes are being done at the parking lot, definitely something you cannot call “radical and significant”. that can only mean the school has ignored the sentiments of the parents.

    i have talked to many other parents and even ateneo alumni like myself and all of them have said one of their top two concerns this coming school year is safety of their sons at the parking lot. (just like the survey in this blog)

    from the ateneo website, i have also read the homily delivered by the jesuits during the masses for amiel. in there they mentioned how the whole community was touched by the death of amiel and how what happened has affected parents in the school.

    there is a huge disconnect in what has been said to what they are now doing at the parking lots. implementing “penny changes” in the school parking lot is inconsistent with what the jesuits said they recognize to be very strong sentiments of the parents.

    it is hard to understand how one can see penny changes as commensurate or being responsive to such strong emotions displayed by the parents.

    one parent commented the jesuits are clueless and that they will probably not act on this. i agree with that comment.

    • May 10, 2009 at 12:17 am

      your sentiments are shared by many parents. let’s hope ateneo know that.

  2. blueFISH
    May 9, 2009 at 11:16 pm

    Who is the head of the multi-stakeholder committee? If another accident happens in that parking lot, the head of the committee should be sued for it.

    • May 10, 2009 at 12:16 am

      we do not know who the head is of the committee. no other announcement has been made by the school on details about the committe.

  3. claire mont
    May 10, 2009 at 12:10 am

    Am not an Ateneo parent, but Amiel’s sad fate has affected me deeply. I would like to know what has been the Ateneo community’s response to the Alcantara family’s appeal for witnesses to help them establish the facts as to what happened on that tragic day.

    • May 10, 2009 at 12:15 am

      there is an on-going litigation in the courts on this one. we have posted in this blog requests for witnesses and have referred all those who responded to the alcantaras. i guess we will know if there have been useful weaknesses during the court hearing.

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