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ateneo implements penny changes at the AGS parking lot, the dangers remain

an ateneo mom sent us by email pictures of the changes that have been done and are being currently done at the ateneo parking lot at the grade school campus. the ateneo mom says her son took the pictures, a photo hobyist who studies at the ateneo high school. we like to thank the ateneo mom and her high school son for sending us the pictures.

these are pictures of 3 areas – the mcbo parking area for school buses, the parking lot by the side of the irwin theater and the main area where amiel was killed to death in a traffic car accident.

even if you add up all three – they are all penny improvements which we do not think amount to adding or improving safety in that parking lot. it does not cost a lot, that is obvious but neither does it amount to anything on improving safety in the AGS parking lot.

we understand and agree with the improvements at the parking area near mcbo. ateneo placed white cement line dividers to guide vehicles on how to park properly in that area. that is a good improvement.

that change will help improve safety for parked cars and will optimize use of space. it will also eliminate fights that sometimes erupts between drivers when vehicles are not parked improperly. however, from what we remember that area is mostly used by school buses. we are not sure how much that kind of change will enhance safety in that parking area. also, what about the other parking areas in the campus, those at beside the football fields?

mcbo_parking area AGS

parking area near mcbo

the other area that has been changed somewhat is the parking area beside the irwin theater. the picture shows workings digging holes on that area. the ateneo mom who sent us the picture wrote that she thinks they will do what has been done to the main parking area where amiel died – place poles and ropes along the lane nearest to the curb. it’s hard to tell what it is for from the picture. based on the picture, it looks like they just started that this week.

irwin theater parking lot

parking area in front of irwin theater

the change at the main parking area where amiel died is also minimal. the only change we see there is that the lane nearest to the curb now has a rope running across the parking lot.

we do not know exactly what that is for, but the inner single lane can fit one car. it is possible they will allow cars to pass through that to probably pick up students who wait at that curbside. if we are correct about this, we predict humongous traffic on that lane as cars cannot exit that roped area, they need to wait for the cars in front of them to move and get out of the lane.

more importantly, the parking situation that got amiel killed continue to be there. there are no changes done to that 4 to 5 lane roadway where cars used to park and wait for students, exactly the same situation that got amiel killed on the same spot.

this is a puzzle for us. well, actually all three changes to us is a big puzzle. given the astronomical tuition fees paid for by parents to ateneo and the gravity of the death of amiel in that parking lot, ateneo is implementing penny changes to that parking lot where amiel died.

we think with penny changes, the dangers that killed amiel last february still exist.

main parking area where amiel died

main parking area where amiel died

has ateneo not learned its lesson for amiel’s death? is ateneo that calous to ignore and be deaf and insensitive to the sentiments of parents who want major changes in that parking lot?

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