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Amiel Alcantara – A Man For Others

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The story of Amiel’s lending a helping hand to another student, his desire to play fair, and his being a boy scout speak of his selflessness. Amiel lived out the spirit of being a “man for others”. He is truly a blue eagle, NOT a blue vulture.

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  1. dr.dad
    May 16, 2009 at 12:05 pm

    this little boy, amiel is to be admired. that only makes me feel more sad for the loss the alcantara family has been feeling.

    how much more pain will the alcantaras, in fact all other parents at the ateneo, when school starts and not much has been done by the school to prevent another accident to happen?

    what if, God forbids, another accident like what happened to amiel happens again at the ateneo? surely, ateneo should be blamed for it and the members of the multi-stakeholder committee.

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