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the hayden kho sex video scandal – the morning after part 1

don’t blink, dr. hayden kho has become the poster boy of sex video scandals or scandals as we call it here. it’s interesting that the poster boy is not an actor,  just any sleazy guy or a porn guy. the poster boy is a doctor of medicine.

admittedly he is not an ordinary doctor. he is a doctor who is the ex of vicky belo, the doctor for liposuction and breast augmentation for the stars. that adds a lot of pogi points to dr. kho.  his pogi points also piled up when he reportedly wanted to commit suicide after the break up from dr. belo.

and all the while we thouugh doctors live a boring life!

so what is next after hayden kho sex videos have been revealed? what is the morning after?

with senator revilla deciding to stay in front and center – there could be a senate hearing.

some new law will probably be passed. to do what, there are a few options.

one is to penalize people who do their own home video of their sex acts without the consent of their partner. we agree with that.

another could be to penalize the person who distributes these scandals through the internet without the consent of both parties performing in the video. we agree with that, too.

the internet and quiapo are full of these types of video scandals. there are websites local and foreign and  pinoy yahoogroups dedicated to publishing and distributing sex video scandals. 

we think a large number of these videos the women in them do not know they are out in the internet being downloaded into hard drives by the millions.

there are two types – one is a sex video that was recorded with consent and the other is one where it was recorded by a hidden camera and therefore taken without consent.

both types find its way to the internet, websites and yahoogroups and eventually in quiapo and obviously without the approval or consent of the people appearing in them. many of them the senders specifically say they released it to the internet as some kind of revenge or to get back at their girlfriends.

enacting  a law making the publication and distribution of these types of sex scandals illegal is something we agree to.

there is some crazy talk on the possibility of restricting the use and access to the internet is one. this is something we strongly disagree with. 

the value of the internet is the total freedom of its use and access. impinging or that or limiting it even in the smallest way is unacceptable.

let us know what you think…

  1. Jay
    May 21, 2009 at 12:22 pm

    Hi There,

    I want to watch the full version of Maricar Reyes, Brazilian Model, Katrina Halili and Ruffa Mae if you have them all. Unfortunately I’ve been downloading it for 3 days now and can’t find any luck.

    Your prompt response is much appreciated.

    my_scar013@yahoo.com or be30tch@gmail.com

    Take care,


  2. ann
    May 21, 2009 at 7:37 pm

    can u pls send me a copy of the full scandal.
    heres my email brat69ayame@yahoo.com

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