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sinners and saints in the hayden kho sex video scandal

as in any controversy that grips the nation, there will be sinners and saints. in the hayden kho sex video scandal, we are being asked to see senator bong revilla as the saint who is playing don quixote, taking the cause to the maiden in trouble, katrina halili.

never mind that this saint was a bit stung with the release of a picture of the senator and another actress in a tight embrace, kissing and fully naked. the senator very gallantly faced the picture by demurely and humbly (ahem)  saying that the upper body of the picture was his but the bottom half was not. (ahem!) he said, with a smile, thaat  his “buttocks” look better than what is depicted in the picture. (we wonder if the actress in the picture who was also naked will say the face was hers but the rest of the body wasn’t. ahem)

the damsel in distress is katrina halili. how much of a saint is she? do saints pose in the nude in magazines, movies and anything else possible? we have seen every inch of ms. katrina’s body from all angles, in numerous poses in countless magazines.

ok, we should not be judging her. after all, women who pose in the nude, in all form and manner should not be judged. right? right?

for us, the only legitimate complaint that halili can lodge is the video that was taken of her was without her consent. based on the video, the sexual acts that were video recorded were  obviously  consumed with mutual consent. they were consenting adults with both adults thoroughly enjoying  (again based on the video) what they did but one not knowing the other recorded the whole thing in video.

the inverse is that this  is the sin of sinner hayden. he recorded the consensual sexual acts without the consent of the woman. however, hayden’s sin ends there.

the public display of the video, if we are to believe hayden, was not his fault. he says it was stolen or at least taken without permission and distributed in the internet without his permission,

this sin was committed by his friend and frat brod during their UST days, dr. erik chua. chua apparently was the person responsible for releasing the sex videos to the public. chua has a business of selling DVD duplicating machines and own many stores that sell videos. he has the capability and know how on the wide distribution of these sorts of movies. edu manzano, optical board chair also said the hayden kho-katrina halili master video was being sold for P2M in the black market. it is apparently being sold at a premium as even hollywood movies are being sold only for P50T to movie pirates. the DVDs of the sex scandal is also selling at a premium, going for P100 to P150 per piece versus the usual P20 to P30 for regular movies.

we do not know how much of a sinner vicky belo is in this whole affair. hayden says only belo had the hard disk that contained the sex videos. we wonder if it’s possible that  there is link between belo and chua and what the story is behind that “conspiracy”.

who is the biggest sinner in this scandal?

we think the biggest sinner is chua, the one responsible for distributing the sex scandal to dvd distributors in quiapo and the internet. if the sex video was not released to the wilds of quiapo and the internet, it would have remained a very private affair, a romp in the bed that only hayden could playback as often as he wants  in the privacy of his dvd player and computer in his home.

what people do in bed is nobody else’s business. we can choose what we want to do in bed. the portrayal of hayden as a pervert and a sicko by senator revilla is uncalled for, unfair and too much hysterics. is senator revilla a cmpetent psychiatrist to label hayden a pervert and a sicko? there was nothing that hayden did in the video that was perversion or sick – they were all normal sexual acts done by most normal people.

what  may be seen as  sickly and perverted is its release to the public. but that was not done by hayden, it was done by chua. and chua did not release it because he was a pervert and a sicko, it was released for business gain, for money. 

selling out on a friend of many years as chua did to hayden may be seen by many as sickly and perverted, but  that is a moral question, not  psychiatric.

who is the victim here? i think there are three victims here – katrina and yes hayden himself. katrina was a true victim as she just happened to be in the video that chua released for monetary gain. hayden is a victim as he is now villified and made into being the poster boy of video scandal evil without consent.

the third victim is us, the public. the country and that includes a senator of the country, malacanang and the police are now involved in an otherwise a private sex  between two people that in truth is non of our business. we were forced into this situation not because of hayden, but by chua, the true sinner in all of this.

saints? there are none….

  1. emily
    May 25, 2009 at 12:01 pm

    i totally agree with you. so far, this is the best blog i read about this scandal. all sides are being considered. hayden is not a pervert. he did not do anything that makes him one.for all we know,one in every 5 male filipinos are videotaping their sexual acts . the person who should be persecuted is the one who leaked this out in the internet and dvds. it is a very malicious thing. hayden is truly a victim here and not only katrina. i hope people will have a broader mind and not focus only on katrina.

    dito nga sa australia, kahit na convicted rapist na ang doctor, pwede pa rin mag-continue ng kanyang practice. some people are very harsh on hayden.for the senator who cast a stone to hayden, it is a common knowledge that you had violated women a lot more than hayden did. i don’t know where you got the guts to condemn him. please someone give an advice to this senator…..

    • James Joyce
      June 3, 2009 at 12:06 pm

      I do not know why Erik is being blamed for all this? If Erik did distribute the videos then how did he get these tapes in the first place? Would you seriously leave your collection of sex tapes out in the open where family and friends can easily access the tapes? True that these tapes are personal and private, but how can anyone truly say that he is innocent when some of the videos were hidden without the consent of the partner. If this was truly innocent then why would he had no blame for this, then why would he do this in secret. He is obviously also at fault for taping these sexual acts without the consent of the partner, because if the partner consented then she would have the option and the shared responsibility of making sure that these videos stay private or deleted. I am saying that Hayden is also at fault because if he did not do this then Katrina’s reputation would not have been so ruined as it was now.

      • June 3, 2009 at 12:14 pm

        erik’s fault is for releasing the sex video to the public. from news reports, vicky belo had given the hayden’s computer to delete the videos. vicky found out about the videos stored in the hard disk of hayden’s computer. vicky does not know how to delete them so she gave the computer to erik.

        erik knows computers – he owns a computer store and sells dvd duplication machines. erik did not just delete the sex videos, he obviously made copies of them and released it in the internet and the fake dvd makers in quiapo. he apparently did it for profit.

        if erik did not release the sex videos to the public, the whole thing would have been just a private matter and no public scandal. it only became a public scandal because the public knew about it. erik is the culprit here.

        hayden’s fault is he video recorded his sexual tryst with katrina without asking her permission or katrina did not even know it was being recorded.

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