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measuring Brillante Mendoza’s greatness – best director at Cannes Film Festival

brillante mendoza wins

every filipino should feel proud on brillante mendoza’s achievement at canned film festival for winning the best director’s award. it is not only a first for a filipino, something that evenn the great lino brocka was not able to achieve, this win puts mendoza in league with some of the great directors in the world’s movie history. 

his movie, “Kinatay” was much maligned by movie critics, including Richard Ebert, one of the most prominent critics in the movie world but the jurists went the other way and gave mendoza the award.

exerpts from Philippine Daily Inquirer:

RP’s Dante Mendoza: Best director at Cannes 
 By Ruben V. Nepales
Philippine Daily Inquirer

MANILA, Philippines— (UPDATE) Filipino filmmaker Brillante “Dante” Mendoza was proclaimed best director in this year’s Cannes Film Festival in France for his work “Kinatay” (Butchered), besting the likes of acclaimed directors Ang Lee, Pedro Almodovar, Jane Campion and Quentin Tarantino.

“I feel humbled and privileged to be in competition for two consecutive years and to be alongside the giants and the biggest names in the film industry,” Mendoza said in an earlier interview.

Dante pulled a tremendous upset victory since, in addition to Tarantino, Campion and Von Trier, he won over established filmmakers, including Michael Haneke, whose “The White Ribbbon” won the Palme d’Or, French master Alain Resnais, Oscar winner Ang Lee, Ken Loach, Gasper Noe and Johnnie To.

As the first Filipino to win the Best Director prize in Cannes, he joins the list of revered filmmakers who have won the coveted prize, including Martin Scorsese, Ingmar Bergman, Francois Truffaut, Luis Buñuel, Robert Bresson, Costa Gavras, Bernard Tavernier, Werner Herzog, Robert Altman, Joel Coen, Pedro Almodovar and Gus Van Sant.

read in full here: http://showbizandstyle.inquirer.net/entertainment/entertainment/view/20090525-206963/RPs-Dante-Mendoza-Best-director-at-Cannes

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