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what is up with ateneans these days? too many involved in scandals?

a question keeps popping in my mind these days – what is up with ateneans these days? they seem to be popping out left and right doing very unsavory things.

there are 3 ateneans in the hayden sex video scandals – hayden kho, bistek rosario and maricar reyes.

there is a long list of ateneans prominent in all sorts of scandals. we will add soon.

  1. kristine
    May 26, 2009 at 12:52 pm


    I have been watching news lately and almost all of its content are about this issue, since being a woman myself I have been sadden for these women on the video and affected about the people reactions, so for those people out there….let’s just clarify some things up, about what is the main issue here:

    1. Ms. Halili’s feeling violated and hurt by seeing herself on film and worst being feasted upon the internet not only in the here but around the world.
    2. Mr. Kho filming his sex escapade without the knowing of those women on the film.
    3. How that this film came out on the world wide net.

    So begins the breakdown,

    1. A woman being violated especially on the worst case scenario has the right to seek justice in a Philippine court, and this is what exactly what Ma. Halili did.
    2. It is quite obvious on film that it was Mr. Kho who did the set-up of his camera, everything from angling and focusing. That blaming it on the woman who sue you in court is quite astonishing, remember you are caught on camera. The question is that why did you do it?? Are you in your right mind? Drug issue? Again your blaming it to the girl who is suing you? Let’s look at some facts…
    a. Who’s video was first to be film. Ms. Halili or the others girls who are with you?
    b. Are you saying that every time your filming yourself your into drugs?
    c. How many videos where there?
    People would believe you if its there is only one girl on all your video and it only happened during the time that you were with this girl. Drugs? Are you saying that you were in drugs during med school since one of your partner said that you were with her during med school. So you and Ms. Halili knows you then already since in the latest news it was said that she is that one who gets you into it and you said that you were in drugs when your filming these escapades? Too many loop holes don’t you think??
    3. Now let’s go to the last issues?? How come it came to be on the net?? Which until now a big question?? But the biggest question is if Mr. Kho did not film his escapade and brag it to his friends, will there be an issue here right now??? So who’s fault is it then?? The people who post it or the man who filmed and bragged about it??

    So now what do it think about the women in these videos?? They’re just a typical girls who thought of themselves in-love and willingly surrendered themselves to the man who they also thought loves and respects them which turn out to be different…..

  2. May 26, 2009 at 2:53 pm

    why can’t be hayden, like the women, be just a man who fell in love with the women and did the videos?

    this thing only became a scnadal because the video was released to the public. if it wasn’t released then we would have not known about them, then no scandal.

    hayden is now being villiefied, why would he want to release the video? someone else released it to the public and it is not hayden, punish the person who released it.

    as the allegations have placed it – either bistek rosario and/or erik chua released the videos to the public, not hayden. punish them!

  3. PaulieWalnuts
    May 26, 2009 at 11:19 pm

    Hayden is not Atenean. He is being vilified because he filmed dozens of women without their consent. Do you have any proof that it was indeed Rosario and/or Chua who indeed released the video?

  4. Jon
    June 2, 2009 at 4:00 am

    u think its all about the school these people went to? how about the cheating in the elections, and let’s say the people involved came from UP, do you think its fair to say “what’s with these UP politicians are up to?” Think before you post racial blog. It doesn’t necessarily mean that if there is a scandal and the people involved are all connected to ateneo then we should quick to say ‘what’s up to these ateanean’.

    • June 2, 2009 at 10:43 am

      maybe you should answer the question – whats up with them?

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