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hayden kho and katrina halili’s sex video turned us all into voyeurs

Philippines gripped by actress’s affair with Doctor Hunk

that is the headline of an article at the Telegraph.co.uk. yes, we know of Doctor Hunk and we know the actress, katrina halili. we are amused by the title given to hayden – Doctor Hunk. we wondered why katrina was not given a title. after all katrina was prominent in that sex video scandal.

katrina halili in tears and hayden kho wet

but we understand why hayden was given  the honor of being given a nice title. he has after all 40 sex videos to his name. he deserves the Doctor Hunk nickname.

and that in many ways explains what has happened to our country. doctor and hunk and katrina converted us a nation of  voyeurs. or perhaps we were closet voyeurs,  doctor hunk’s sex videos outed us.

how else can you explain why a senator no less, one elected to national elections by voters all over the country gave a speech at the senate floor about it? government agencies, at last count 3 are involved – the senate, the NBI and the PDEA (Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency). a few more senators and heads of government agencies gave their comment. malacanang itself, for crying out loud got involved.

what? president gloria arroyo watch jayden and katrina’s sex video????

all these government agencies, officials, senators and malacanang itself seem to be getting involved for nothing. do we really need all these people and agencies investigating a sex video of two consenting adults? i get the feeling they are involved just so they have an “official excuse” why they needed to watch the sex video!

many of them, specially the male senators professed they were getting involved to seek justice for  katrina and in their ardent desire to protect women in this country.

but don’t they realize the more they talked about it, the more government agencies get incolved in it, the more they harm katrina halili? it is after katrina’s naked body and sexual performance that they are talking about.

katrina in an interview asked the public to stop viewing her sex video. she said she felt that “binababaoy nyo ako”. (people are acting like pigs!) probably she elected not to say it outright but i bet she was also directing those words to the male senators, government agencies and malacanang!

with all the hype and media blasts on it, even those not interested or do not usually watch videos of this sort have somehow been forced to watch the sex videos. there was no space in the country where more than 1 person stood who did not talk about the sex video of katrina and hayden.

the philippines? mga mang-boboso!


here is an indication of the interest filipinos have on the hayden kho sex videos – this blog gained at least 80,000 hits on the topic, pushing the blog to reach the 200,000 hits milestone within the week at the latets.

the blog reached the 100,000 hits milestone in may 2009. this blog got another 100,000 hits in june. that means the blog got the same number of hits in one month that it took to get in 11 months just because of the interest on the sex video.

read here 200,000 hits milestone:  https://wawam.wordpress.com/2009/06/01/another-milestone-for-wawam-wordpress-200000-hits-this-june-2009/

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