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we agree with Senator Enrile – cell telcos “robbing our pockets”

oh please, senator enrile should not believe what the employee from globe told him — cell phone subscribers do not have to subscribe to get the ring tones. it is an automatic thing. i have raised the same problem in separate calls to globe – that i had never subscribed to any ring tone service but they kept sending them to me and i did not even know the load in my cell got depleted.

yes, i agree with senator enrile – these cell phone service companies are “robbing our pockets”!  


‘I don’t even know how to text’
—Enrile By Christine Avendaño
Philippine Daily Inquirer First Posted 02:36:00 06/17/2009

MANILA, Philippines—Much to the astonishment of Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile, the “load” in his prepaid cellular phone had vanished because he was downloading “ring tones,” according to a representative of his service provider, Globe Telecom Inc.

All in all, the 85-year-old Enrile got seven ring tones for his cell phone. This explanation from the head of Globe’s corporate and regulations affairs, Caridad Gonzalez, to Enrile’s inquiry on why his load was disappearing when he was not even using the phone or any of its services.

“The account [is] subscribed to ring-tone services and that is actually from our records,” Gonzalez told Enrile and senators Tuesday at the first hearing of the joint inquiry by the Senate committees on trade and commerce and public services on the “case of the disappearing loads” of Enrile.

But Enrile denied he had downloaded ring tones or made use of services other than making voice calls. ‘I don’t even text’ “I don’t even know how to text,” the Senate president declared as he took to task telecommunications companies (telcos) on why he and other prepaid users were enrolled in such services and promotions without their consent.

“They’re robbing my pocket,” Enrile was overheard telling senators when he found out he was supposed to have availed of seven ring tones.


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