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AH1N1/swine flu now at the ateneo grade school

the ateneo grade school admin did the right thing when it took the initiative to delay by a few days the opening of classes of the grade school when it was found out some ateneo high school students had swine flu and classes were suspended for the high school boys for 10 days. we agreed that it was a smart move to err on the safe side.

however, a new development has occurred – there is talk that a whole section of grade school students were quarantined. the whole class was asked by the school not to go to school for a number of days presumably because member/s of the class had swine flu.

the AGS admin has not made a formal announcement on the matter. the information has been circulating among parents through text and yahoogroups only and no formal announcement by the school.

without a formal announcement from the school on the matter, this is just a rumor. if you are an ateneo parent wouldn’t you want this rumor confirmed or denied by the school?


announcement made at the ateneo website:


AH1N1 Update  Advisory # 3

A student of 3-Sumakwel has been tested positive for the Influenza  A[H1N1] last June 19, 2009.

Upon the recommendation of the VP for Planning and Administration, Dr. John Paul Vergara, and after his consultation with the DOH, the AGS will put the entire class of 3-Sumakwel on quarantine for 7 days starting  Monday, June 22, 2009. They may go back to school on Monday, June 29, 2009.

As our infirmary personnel monitor developments among the students in this class, we urge parents of these students to feel at liberty to report to the school through the infirmary, any indications of flu in their children.

Meanwhile, revisions have been made to the AGS quarantine procedeure, reducing the length of quarantine from 10 days to 7 days.  Please continue visiting the AGS web for possible updates in the protocol pending advisories from the DOH .

source: http://www.ateneo.edu/index.php?p=120&type=2&aid=6854

  1. bluegadfly
    June 23, 2009 at 10:52 am

    This is a worrisome development. Other schools have taken it upon themselves or were prevailed upon to cancel their classes and impose quarantine measures on the whole school.

    If this news or rumor is true, why is it the only 3-Sumakwel class is quarantined? What makes AGS different from the rest of the schools?

    • xyz1two3
      June 23, 2009 at 12:27 pm

      this is no longer a rumor. the posting at the ateneo website confirms the news that the whole class of 3 sumakwel was quarantined.

      again based on the ateneo announcement, DOH authorities were consulted.

      there is one rumor circulating via text — there is a 2nd class at AGS that might also be quarantined soon. note – this is just a rumor.

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