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yellow ribbons for cory

July 31, 2009 Leave a comment

yellow ribbons are now everywhere – in all types of walls, posts and fences around the city. it’s a testament to the outpouring support for cory. it’s telling everyone else that cory is in our prayers and by the millions.

wawam coryas in real life, this is also true in the internet. putting the yellow ribbon has taken many forms to honor cory.

this is our contribution – we have added a yellow ribbon to our picture that we use in the internet. the yellow ribbon on the picture also mimics the letter “C” to remind us all for whom the yellow ribbon is.

that is the image that will appear in all our postings on the internet.

there are other versions. this one is from another blogger.

In my own way of recognizing the importance of Cory Aquino’s contribution in restoring democracy and, for short period, unity in this country, I am encouraging all bloggers to include a 125×125 yellow ribbon avatar on their sites. You can get the codes to the 125×125 picture on the sidebar of this blog: PolitEkon

in twitter, there is the twibbon, sample on the left.  “Show support for “Yellow Ribbon for Pres. Cory” and add a twibbon to your twitter profile image”

to get the yellow ribbon, go to this site:

at facebook users are being asked to change the picture in their profile to the yellow ribbon.

get your own yellow ribbon at the internet.

cory aquino condition “guarded”, surpassed prognosis by 17 months – a miracle

July 29, 2009 Leave a comment

PDI JULY 29 Cory Condition Guarded

Aquino’s condition ‘guarded’—family

Noynoy: she’s beat prognosis by 17 mos now

By Christine Avendaño
Philippine Daily Inquirer

MANILA, Philippines—From being stable in the past weeks, the condition of the cancer-stricken Corazon Aquino has been “guarded” since Monday afternoon, according to her son Sen. Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino III.

But the former President continues to fight, surprising even her doctors, the senator told reporters Tuesday.

In a statement, he said: “The doctors are continuously monitoring her blood pressure, which has been fluctuating.

“She is presently asleep, comfortable and not in pain.”

Speaking with reporters later in the Senate, Noynoy Aquino said he found out when he returned to the hospital on Monday afternoon that his mother’s blood pressure had turned “erratic.”

Noynoy Aquino said doctors had earlier told the family that their mother had only three months to live. He said she was not told of the prognosis but had surpassed it by 17 months now.

He described it as “a miracle,” pointing out that “no one can say exactly” when a person would pass on.

The senator admitted that the former President suffered a “serious episode” last weekend, and that this triggered the fluctuations in her blood pressure.

“The doctors have been saying they were surprised by Mommy’s fighting spirit … and we too are surprised,” he said.

My Cory Impressions:Then and Now

July 27, 2009 Leave a comment

Honestly, I don’t know personally former President Cory Aquino. All what I remember about her started way back in 1986 when she ran against the dictatorship of Ferdinand Marcos. The chants “Cory! Cory!” were so familiar way back then. And when I reached High School, all what I hear about her was some of the negative remarks like, “Lalo tayong naghirap nung si Cory na ang presidente. Buti pa nung panahon ni Marcos, mura ang bilihin, madami syang pinagawa, disiplinado mga tao”. Then came the natural disasters like the 1990 Luzon Earthquake, 1991 Mt. Pinatubo eruption and the worst man-made catastrophes during her presidency- the several coup attempts against her government and the 10-12 hour long Luzon-wide blackouts.

Those were my impressions of her when I was a teenager. All was negative. She is always being compared to her predecessor, that she is weak compared to Marcos.

I can help but reflect the Exodus experience of Israel. The Israelites were, like Filipinos under the dictatorship, longing for freedom from slavery. And then came Moses to deliver them. But their short memory and impatience led them to grumble and complain against him.

” It was better for us when we were in Egypt, than to starve to death here in the desert.” (Exodus 16:2)

But as years gone by, my thoughts of her were transformed. it was only after she relinquished peacefully her powers to her successor (former President Fidel Ramos) that I came to understand and realize what she,her husband Ninoy were fighting for all throughout the years–our freedom and our democracy that once again is being tarnished by the present GMA administration.

I remember, I had a chance to shake her hands and congratulated her during the Philippine Centennial celebrations in 1998 at the Quirino Granstand. I simply told her, “Madam Cory, proud po ako sa inyo” and she replied to me with a smile and a firm grip on my hand, with a sincere and simple “Salamat.”

From then on, somehow, I started to believe in her cause. Not much about governance and managing the state affairs, but how she lived her life: a life of integrity and character amidst crisis. There I came to know the real Cory, not just as a President but as a woman of faith and hope.

Nobody’s perfect as the saying goes. And she too has her own shortcomings. But what Cory is admirable of is her inner strength as a person. From Ninoy, to her children particularly Kris, whom many know also underwent her ups and downs and to all Filipinos, Cory as wife, mother and President stood firm on her principles and convictions.

If there is one legacy Pres. Cory will leave us, it is her inner will to continue with life, not driven by political power but by faith and love for God who is truly the beginning and end of all things.

Thank you Tita Cory for your inspiration. My prayers are always for your best. Hindi po kayo nag-iisa.


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SONA 2001- THE PAYATAS BOYS AND THEIR BANKANG PAPEL AFLOATED FROM PAYATAS TO MALACANANG: Trabaho, edukasyon, sariling tahanan. Idagadag na rin: Pagkain sa bawat mesa. Ito ang mithiin ng masa.

SONA 2002- STRONG REPUBLIC At dahil ako ay naluklok sa pagkapangulo dala ng malawakanang galit sa anomalya, alam kong dapat wakasan ang katiwalian.

SONA 2003: A STRONG REPUBLIC: Ang kahirapan ay unti-unting nagagapi. Self-rated poverty again according to the survey, is at its lowest percentage of the population in the last 16 years.

SONA 2004: ANGELO DE LA CRUZ IS HOME. Pinapangako ko ang isang bagong direksyon: Mamamayan muna. Ang taong bayan ang pinakamalaki nating yaman. Ngunit madalas, kaunti lang ang atensyon na binibigay sa kanilang pag-unlad. Di tuloy matawid ang agwat ng mayaman at mahirap. Di tuloy mapa-abot sa lahat ang biyaya ng demokrasya.

SONA 2005: CHARTER CHANGE IS NEEDED. The mode of Charter change is the exclusive prerogative of Congress. But a constituent assembly may well give our people the quickest reforms.

SONA 2006 SUPER REGIONS OF THE PHILIPPINES.We will enhance the competitive advantage of the natural “super regions-“of-the-Philippines: the North Luzon Agribusiness Quadrangle, the Metro Luzon Urban Beltway, Central Philippines, Mindanao and the Cyber Corridor…. After three years, eleven months, and six days, I shall relinquish the Presidency, with much if not all that I have outlined completed. I do not want it said then that, in the end, I defeated my enemies. I would rather have it said that all of us, you and I, friends and foes today, achieved together a country progressive, prosperous and united.

SONA 2007: PHILIPPINES 1st WORLD STATUS: Hangarin kong mapabilang ang Pilipinas sa mayayamang bansa sa loob ng dalawampung taon. By then poverty shall have been marginalized; and the marginalized raised to a robust middle class.We will have achieved the hallmarks of a modern society, where institutions are strong. By 2010, the Philippines should be well on its way to achieving that vision.

THE PRESIDENT IS AS STRONG AS SHE WANTS TO BE: I stand in the way of no one’s ambition. I only ask that no one stand in the way of the people’s well being and the nation’s progress.The time for facing off is over. The time is here for facing forward to a better future our people so desperately want and richly deserve.Uulitin ko: Hindi ako sagabal sa ambisyon ninuman.But make no mistake. I will not stand idly when anyone gets in the way of the national interest and tries to block the national vision. From where I sit, I can tell you, a President is always as strong as she wants to b

SONA 2008: GLOBAL ECONOMIC CRISIS IS TO BLAME. Because tough choices were made, kumikilos na ang bayan sa wakas. Malapit na sana tayo sa pagbalanse ng budget. We were retiring debts in great amounts, reducing the drag on our country’s development, habang namumuhunan sa taong bayan.

Biglang-bigla, nabaligtad ang ekonomiya ng mundo. Ang pagtalon ng presyo ng langis at pagkain ay nagbunsod ng pandaigdigan krisis, the worst since the Great Depression and the end of World War II.

SONA 2009: Antabayanan mamayang hapon

gloria macapagagal arroyo’s performance over 9 years

July 26, 2009 1 comment

we are opening a new page in this blog where we will post reviews and opinions on the presidency of gloria macapagal arroyo.

we expect to get a lot of these types of reviews as arroyo delivers her last SONA on monday and takes on the last year of her presidency.

these articles so far are all coming from the Philippine Daily Inquirer. we like to commend  PDI for publishing such a comprehensive review of arroyo’s presidency. we will be posting other reviews from other sources as they become available.

as of this posting, there are 9 articles in the list covering a wide range of areas. click here to read:

is typo error a “prophecy”? “sent a wave hope for better leadership”

July 25, 2009 1 comment

postscript to the typo error on that article that had a typo error. we copied and pasted an article from re mass held in NY for tita cory. we did not edit it, we just emailed it to all  the members of the group (Cory Aquino – Request For Prayers).

a member of the group called our attention to it. we apologized for the error and explained why the “typo error” was there.

we got 2 interesting replies who are members of the group. their reply essentially contain the same idea and we are posting it here.

this is the typo error, underscored:

Filipinos in New York are rallying behind former President Arroyo in prayers as she battles colon cancer.”

from dan:

Perhaps your typo error can be a prophecy, that she too will be called “Former president soon.

from jen:

“former president arroyo” – it might just be an intention after all. Given that it is typo error it sent a wave of hope for the current state of things in the country. No offense if you are supporter of the president but for us who wish for a better leadership, it is probably a good sign if she really left her office.

we had sent an email to about it but the error is still uncorrected as of this writing, july 25, 2009, 6:38 pm manila time:’s gross typo error on news on cory

July 25, 2009 2 comments

we maintain a facebook group for cory aquino (group name: Cory Aquino – Request For Prayers). yesterday we emailed to all the members a news article from on a mass held in new york for the healing of cory aquino.

a member of the group, chari emailed us and called our attention to a typo error in the article we had emailed to everyone.

this was our reply email to chari and all the members of the group in facebook:

a member of the group, chari  sent me an email calling my attention on the article i had emailed to everyone, re mass for cory in new york. it had a typo error that had “former president arroyo” while it should have read “former president aquino”.

this is what i replied to chari:

thank you for letting me know about the typo. the typo was actually at the original article written by ABS-CBN which i copied and pasted. did not realize a tv stattion like abs cbn can commit gross mistakes like that.

the typo is still there:

i guess that will mean i need to edit news releases by abs-cbn from now on. i apologize for the typo error.

thank you to chari for calling my attention to the typo error. i shall be writing abs-cbn to let them know of the typo error. (in the meantime, i have taken a screen capture of the article with the typo error for posterity.)

again my apologies.'s typo error on cory article

screen capture of typo error at article

close up of typo error:

close-up of typo error in's article on cory mass
close-up of typo error in’s article on cory mass

as of august 7, 2009, the typo error is still at the abs-cbnnews website.

Only Aquino family can issue statements on Cory’s condition

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Only Aquino family can issue statements on Cory’s condition
07/24/2009 | 04:16 PM

The Aquino family on Friday requested the public to ignore rumors circulating about ailing former president Corazon Aquino’s health amid false text messages saying the People Power icon has passed away.

“The Aquino family appreciates expressions of support form the public, but would like to request that only announcement from the five children and grandsons be given credence by the public and the media,” said the family statement read to reporters by Dr. Eric Nubla, head of patient relations at the Makati Medical Center where Mrs. Aquino has been staying since June 23.

“Any statement will come from them. Let’s respect what they (said). The fact that we’re doing a statement like this says a lot,” said Nubla.

Text messages falsely saying Mrs. Aquino has passed away made the rounds early Friday, with former Supreme Court justice Adolf Azcuna announcing the content of the message during a Mass for Mrs. Aquino.

June 2009 SWS Presidentiables Survey- Villar jumps ahead, Estrada doubles ratings now 2nd, Escudero big gain

July 24, 2009 Leave a comment

this is june 2009 SWS survey gives us for the first time very significant movements for the

first time. we are seeing here the impact of the advertising efforts of the presidentiables and the heighten

ed media attention on the presidentiables and the presidential elections.

there are also very significant movements in this survey, the first time since last year. the major shifts tells us election time has truly arrived in the consciousness of the voters.

read in full here:

Pope sends message for Cory

July 23, 2009 1 comment

Pope sends message for Cory

By Dona Pazzibugan
Philippine Daily Inquirer
First Posted 12:27:00 07/23/2009

MANILA, Philippines—Pope Benedict XVI is also praying for former President Corazon Aquino, who is battling colon cancer.

The Pope conveyed his concern for Aquino through a message sent Thursday morning by the Vatican Secretary of State, Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone, to their envoy to the Philippines, Archbishop Edward Joseph Adams.

Adams relayed the Pope’s message through a letter that was read to the former president at her bedside by the former Philippine ambassador to the Vatican, Henrietta De Villa.

“Cardinal Bertone has communicated that the Pope is spiritually close to Your Excellency in your suffering,” Adams said in his letter to the former Philippine president.

US Secretary Of State Hillary Clinton sends Cory Aquino a personal note, prayers

July 23, 2009 Leave a comment

Letter from Hillary

Masses for Aquino’s healing have been celebrated at Manila City Hall since Monday.

US Ambassador Kristie Kenney, Ambassador Miguel Perez Rubio and former Senate President Franklin Drilon were among those who attended Wednesday’s noon Mass along with Manila City Hall officials and employees, most of whom came dressed in Aquino’s signature yellow.

Kenney later told reporters that US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton had sent a letter to Aquino.

“I am here for a special reason, because not just myself and the government of the United States but also several millions of Americans are praying for President Cory. I am here to represent them,” Kenney said.

The ambassador added: “I also brought today to the Aquino family a personal letter from US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to President Cory wishing for her fast recovery.

“I think she has made many contributions. One is for being strong in the face of adversity, and being true to her beliefs in freedom and liberty, and certainly her faith as well. She’s always for Filipinos first. These are great contributions not only for leaders, but also for many Filipino citizens.”

Siytangco said the letter—“a personal note, an offering of prayers”—was delivered to Aquino by her former appointments secretary, Margie Juico, who was also at the healing Mass.


1 Million Prayers For Tita Cory – send your prayers and messages to tita cory at (0908) 3344-771.

Facebook group: Cory Aquino – Request For Prayers

Cory Aquino calls her 5 kids to bedside

July 23, 2009 3 comments

Cory Aquino calls her 5 kids to bedside

 By Fe Zamora, Tina Santos
Philippine Daily Inquirer
First Posted 01:44:00 07/23/2009

MANILA, Philippines—The ailing Corazon Aquino called all her five children to her bedside on Tuesday night, according to her youngest daughter.

“Last night, we were all here [at Makati Medical Center]. I called all my siblings after my mom asked for all of us to be together,” TV host and actress Kris Aquino said Wednesday in a text message to the Inquirer.

Aquino, 76, was diagnosed with colon cancer early in 2008 and has been confined at the hospital since June for loss of appetite.

Her other children are Ma. Elena “Ballsy” Cruz, Victoria Elisa “Viel” Dee, Aurora Corazon “Pinky” Abellada and Sen. Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino III.

The former President remains in stable condition, her spokesperson Deedee Siytangco told reporters after the third of five healing Masses was celebrated Wednesday at Manila City Hall.

“As far as I know, she’s stable [and] her vital signs are okay. But her appetite has not improved,” said Siytangco, who urged the public to ignore nasty rumors about Aquino’s condition.

Siytangco said the Aquino family had promised to update her.

“They promised to call if anything changes,” she said. “I know the public needs to know, but if there are rumors—I know there are—just ignore them. You [will hear updates] from us.”

read in full here:

Aquino’s condition worsens, says daughter

July 20, 2009 Leave a comment

Aquino’s condition worsens, says daughter
By Jeannette Andrade,
Christine Avendaño Agence France-Presse,
Philippine Daily Inquirer
First Posted 07:10:00 07/20/2009

MANILA, Philippines—(UPDATE) The condition of former Philippine president Corazon Aquino, in hospital for colon cancer, has deteriorated, her daughter said in a televised interview Monday.

Prayers have been said across this mostly Catholic Southeast Asian nation for Aquino, 76, who has been hospitalized for the past month.

“This is the hardest time for all of us,” Kristina Bernadette Aquino told ABS-CBN television. Aquino’s daughter wept as she outlined her mother’s condition. “She is in pain already, so please pray for her so that it could be lessened.”

“We don’t know how many more hours, days, and weeks God will give her, but please help us pray that my Mom won’t suffer too much pain,” she said.

Over the past four weeks, Aquino’s friends and former officials have been rallying support for the family, which has appealed for the public to give them private space.

A spokeswoman for the family earlier said Aquino had given up all medical intervention including chemotherapy and was leaving her fate to God.

the 2009 SONA (State Of The Nation 2009)

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i think today’s  (july 18, 2009) front page of the philippine daily inquirer gives a very good picture of the state of the nation in 2009.

read in full here:

1 Million Prayers For Tita Cory

July 16, 2009 Leave a comment

Come join us,
we are collecting 1 million prayers for Tita Cory Aquino. For Tita Cory,
send your SMS text of prayers, condolences,
 your hopes and well wishes,
your messages,
your experiences on how you have been touched by her.

Send your SMS text to
+63 (908) 3344-771  [0908 3344-771]


We will gather your text prayers in a collection and
give a copy to the Aquino family.

Limit your SMS text message to 160 characters only, including spaces.
Add your name at the end of the message.












send your SMS text prayers & condolences to the Aquino family

July 16, 2009 Leave a comment

hundreds of thousands of filipinos have been praying for tita cory. thousands have been attending masses all over the country and other parts of the world where there are filipinos for the purpose of praying for tita cory. many more hundreds of thousands pray on their own, in their homes or in churches.

the 1 Million Prayers For Tita Cory allows everyone, specially those who are unable to attend the masses, those not in metro manila or outside the country  to send their prayers forming a community of 1 million praying together for cory.

we are a small of group of 4 individuals, ordinary filipinos,  who put together our skills, time and knowledge to set this up behind a shared concern  for tita cory

there is no commercial gain in this for anyone. regular SMS texting charges will be applied to the SMS text that you will send. this is just like the texts you send to family and friends.

your cell phone number and any other personal information will be kept private  and will not be shared with any  person or group.

to send text, type the following:

Dear Cory ___ (type message)_____  your name

Sample Text: Dear Cory I pray for the eternal repose of your soul with the Lord. Juan de la Cruz

limit the length of your message to 160 characters only which includes spaces.   send your SMS text to:  0908 3344-771; +63 (908) 3344-771.

visit 1 Million Prayers For Tita Cory blog:

historic – edu manzano’s papaya dance

July 15, 2009 Leave a comment

sure, history can also be made in a new dance. this one resurrected an old song through a new dance. this is edu manzano’s papaya dance. nobody knows why it is called papaya dance, but it became a hit in youtube, other people from other countries danced it and US TV show Good Morning America featured it in their show.

view the videos here:

edu manzano, director and choreographer does the papaya dance

edu manzano, director and choreographer does the papaya dance

thousands continue to pray in masses for tita cory

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[ appKey=MarbachViewerEmbedded&uri=channels/48209/504979&tbid=k_21810&premium=false&height=445&width=425]

facebook account:

group: Cory Aquino – Request For Prayers
name: Wawam Blogs

photo of jose rizal’s house in the 1950’s – it is white

July 13, 2009 Leave a comment

comment made by ted in this blog:


“the funny part here is that the NHI Historical Preservation division before repainting the house scraped off layers of paint from a part of the house and, believe it or not, the green everyone hates today happens to be the “original” color when the reconstructed house was opened to the public 50 years ago.”

found an earlier photograph of the reconstructed house in the late 1950’s, its WHITE
please visit this site… (to look at the photo):

comment posted in this blog here:

photo of Jose Rizal's house  it is white

somebody at the NHI need to check what this photo of jose rizal is all about. is this an authentic picture of jose rizal’s house replica? what is the color of the house in this photo? the house in this photo is very different in shape compared to the existing one that NHI chair ocampo colored green. we hope the NHI will investigate like the way they scraped the paint of jose rizal’s house.

pending that exhaustive investigation by the NHI, we like to give this opinion: 

i am not a photo expert, but that photo seems to show the house is white and not green.

we do not know if this is a black and white photo or a colored photo. but just comparing the tones or shades, the color of the house is NOT  the same tone or shade as the color of the leaves of the trees on the left and right of the house. if the house is green, it should then have the same tone or shade as that of the leaves. the color of the house is much lighter than those of the leaves.

it looks like this photo of jose rizal’s house, in white,  is very different from the way NHI chair ambeth ocampo imagines it to be – in horrible green. (see photo below)

the photo captured here has some discoloration from the photo posted in the website. please click this link to view the photo in the original website:

many thanks to ted for this photo and link.

FYI  – we have emailed NHI chair ambeth ocampo about this photo. we hope he will respond to our email. we would loveto know a resolution of this one.

teen-ager falls into manhole while texting

July 13, 2009 Leave a comment

this is a must-see for everyone who owns a cellphone, specially teen-agers. the philippines is the world’s biggest cellphone texters, this is a must-see for all.

i have encountered mothers with their small child on one hand, a cellphone on the other texting while crossing a street full of cars. every time i see one, i stop my car and tell the mom to stop using her phone while crossing a freaking street specially with her child with her. geez!

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