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Anti-Child Pornography Bill in congress – pass this one, not cha-cha

this bill is much more worthwhile than the congressmen spending time on cha-cha. cha-cha has no value to the country. this anti-child pornography bill will benefit the country much more than cha-cha.

cha-cha is something nobody wants while this is something everyone, specially pinoy children need.

received via email:

fr. chay cullen

fr. chay cullen

 By Fr. Shay Cullen

Tell them that it’s urgent If there is one great thing that President Gloria Arroyo can do with her awesome power in the Philippines is to use it for the well-being and protection of vulnerable children. All she has to do in her State of the Nation Address on July 27 to win a place in legal history is to tell her Congress that the Anti-Child Pornography Bill is “urgent.”

All the Representatives have to do is to vote “yes” and they will save thousands of children from rape and abuse in the years to come. That alone will be enough for the Congress to pass this bill, the Senate version has already been approved.

It’s very shameful that the Philippines, a nation where the vast majority of children are loved, cherished and protected by their families that the State has failed in its obligations under international treaties and protocols to protect them by law from the sexual abuse that is inevitable in the making and distribution of child pornography.

This is a moral issue of the highest order; the dignity of the nation is at stake before the world.

read in full here: http://www.manilatimes.net/national/2009/july/12/yehey/opinion/20090712opi6.html



 the above article was sent to us by email. we like to thank the sender for calling our attention to this very important bill. this blog is committed to support and publicize things of this nature where it will amount to doing good for the country and its people. we will do our share for causes like these.

we welcome others to send us by email articles and thoughts on issues that will bring good to our country and its people or those that will stop bad being done to our country and its people.

  1. alexangelph
    July 12, 2009 at 11:03 am

    Thanks for letting me know. I love your informative blog!

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