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photo of jose rizal’s house in the 1950’s – it is white

comment made by ted in this blog:


“the funny part here is that the NHI Historical Preservation division before repainting the house scraped off layers of paint from a part of the house and, believe it or not, the green everyone hates today happens to be the “original” color when the reconstructed house was opened to the public 50 years ago.”

found an earlier photograph of the reconstructed house in the late 1950’s, its WHITE
please visit this site… (to look at the photo):  http://oldphilippinephotos.co.cc/about/laguna/jose-rizal-house/

comment posted in this blog here: https://wawam.wordpress.com/2009/06/19/shocking-historian-wants-us-to-appreciate-rizal-through-trivial-purssuits-we-need-significance-meaning-from-our-heroes-not-trivia/#comment-1539

photo of Jose Rizal's house  it is white

somebody at the NHI need to check what this photo of jose rizal is all about. is this an authentic picture of jose rizal’s house replica? what is the color of the house in this photo? the house in this photo is very different in shape compared to the existing one that NHI chair ocampo colored green. we hope the NHI will investigate like the way they scraped the paint of jose rizal’s house.

pending that exhaustive investigation by the NHI, we like to give this opinion: 

i am not a photo expert, but that photo seems to show the house is white and not green.

we do not know if this is a black and white photo or a colored photo. but just comparing the tones or shades, the color of the house is NOT  the same tone or shade as the color of the leaves of the trees on the left and right of the house. if the house is green, it should then have the same tone or shade as that of the leaves. the color of the house is much lighter than those of the leaves.

it looks like this photo of jose rizal’s house, in white,  is very different from the way NHI chair ambeth ocampo imagines it to be – in horrible green. (see photo below)

the photo captured here has some discoloration from the photo posted in the website. please click this link to view the photo in the original website: http://oldphilippinephotos.co.cc/about/laguna/jose-rizal-house/

many thanks to ted for this photo and link.

FYI  – we have emailed NHI chair ambeth ocampo about this photo. we hope he will respond to our email. we would loveto know a resolution of this one.

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