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abs-cbnnews.com’s gross typo error on news on cory

we maintain a facebook group for cory aquino (group name: Cory Aquino – Request For Prayers). yesterday we emailed to all the members a news article from abs-cbnnews.com on a mass held in new york for the healing of cory aquino.

a member of the group, chari emailed us and called our attention to a typo error in the article we had emailed to everyone.

this was our reply email to chari and all the members of the group in facebook:

a member of the group, chari  sent me an email calling my attention on the article i had emailed to everyone, re mass for cory in new york. it had a typo error that had “former president arroyo” while it should have read “former president aquino”.

this is what i replied to chari:

thank you for letting me know about the typo. the typo was actually at the original article written by ABS-CBN which i copied and pasted. did not realize a tv stattion like abs cbn can commit gross mistakes like that.

the typo is still there: http://www.abs-cbnnews.com/pinoy-migration/07/24/09/ny-pinoys-hold-healing-mass-cory

i guess that will mean i need to edit news releases by abs-cbn from now on. i apologize for the typo error.

thank you to chari for calling my attention to the typo error. i shall be writing abs-cbn to let them know of the typo error. (in the meantime, i have taken a screen capture of the article with the typo error for posterity.)

again my apologies.

abs-cbnnews.com's typo error on cory article

screen capture of typo error at abs-cbnnew.com article

close up of typo error:

close-up of typo error in abs-cbnnews.com's article on cory mass
close-up of typo error in abs-cbnnews.com’s article on cory mass

as of august 7, 2009, the typo error is still at the abs-cbnnews website.

  1. August 5, 2009 at 8:53 pm

    Nakikiramay po kaming lahat dito sa Don jose aquirre,manukan zamboanga del norte at higit sa lahat nagpapasalamat kami sa pagligtas niya sa ating bansa…ang galing niyang presidente walang katulad…. sabi nga ng pamangkin ko wala talagang makakagaya sa kanya…yan si gloria corrupt at daya lng ang alam nyan…100% & more sa amin si pres.cory aquino..atyan si gloria kahit 1/4 di aabot kitang-kita ang ibedinsya…….thanks a lot pres.cory aquino for saving us!!!!!ms.kris is right di lang sakanila shes a great mother but all of us i mean sa amin din & all filipino people maraming po….the best ka talaga!!!!saludo kami sa inyo at kahit na nasa heaven kana nandito ka pa rin sa puso namin always and forever!!!salamat din sa trabahong binigay nyo sa papa ko noong presidente po kayo!!!!his name sofronio aquino from the heart maraming maraming salamat po!!!!!! nagmamahal, Fernandez Family,aquino Family & TJR GROUP

  2. February 11, 2010 at 6:48 am

    only arroyo’s coffin? how about all of ’em like ingoy and his idiot-moron dad, 99% government officials who use blood money to feed their families, those congress bastards from senate and the other animals who scarf down everything on the plate —- anything that will tickle their fancy?

    and you from the media — you suck up,too. you are all useless! you are reined in by hooligans!! you can not even get the people fired up to rise up like what they did in thailand!! peacemakers ??? huh. in your dreams you will get a government you will be proud of. you are a bunch of can’t dos !!! wake up !!

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