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The Silent Battle, the Quiestest War

Cory AquinoWe have been hearing lately that Pres. Cory Aquino is under her own battle of the colon cancer. Under close watch and prayers of her family and the whole nation, everything that could happen is left under God’s power and guidance.

During her last SONA in 1991, Pres. Cory said this words which became a premonition:

“My responsibility as a Filipino, for the well-being of my country, goes beyond it to my grave…”

Another war has begun, the quietest war. The Filipino is truly worth dying for.

For all of us Filipinos believing in true democracy, we are behind you Pres. Cory: In your battles, in your war, in your fights against the great cancers this country once again is now facing: INDIFFERENCE, SELF-CENTERED GOVERNANCE, and the MESSING UP OF DEMOCRATIC INSTITUTIONS inflicted by this present government manifested by its symtoms: CORRUPTION, DEPOSTISM, ELITISM, POVERTY AMONG MANY OF OUR PEOPLE, DECEPTION FROM THE CENTER.

Now you joined our Creator and your husband Ninoy in heaven, we know that you will still pray and even fight for us. We will continue your LABAN here. We will fight these social ills and cancers that are still plaguing and menacing our country and our people.

Farewell former Pres. Tita Cory Aquino, thank you for freedom and democracy. Thank you for your moral leadership that inspired many of us Filipinos. Thank you for this legacy. Truly the Filipino is worth dying for. We love you.

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