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cory aquino burial – the sacrifice juan de la cruz so willingly gave to honor cory

during the ayala avenue confetti tribute to cory aquino on august 3 and yesterday’s burial march for cory, we were on the ground right where the people that cory loved were. we wanted to be there to witness the intensity and realness of the nation;s affection and admiration towards cory.

we took pictures of these ordinary folks and talked to some of them. we wanted to know why they were there making so much sacrifice for cory.

all of them said it was their way of thanking cory for what she has done for the country, for them. they said their sacrifice was nothing compared to what cory has done for the country.

on roxas boulevard, volunteers formed a human chain on both sides of the truck that carried cory’s cory aquino burial kapit bisigremains to make sure none of the on-lookers from both sides of the road get into an accident and get run over by the truck. for not these human chain, toes and feet of the onlookers could have easily run over by the large wheels of the truck.

there were at least 50 to 100 people on one side. it is a very difficult task – you need to keep pace with the speed of the chain as you did not want it broken. we saw men, women and even children forming the human chain. i asked some of them if they belonged to an organization or any group and all of them said they just joined the chain as the truck passed them. they were all strangers doing their part for cory. 

the picture below is an example of how difficult it can be. you see the over-stretched arms and the participants grimacing in their attempt to prevent the chain from being broken.

look at the two men on the left of the picture (man on most left mostly unseen and man in yellow with baseball cap) – they were barefoot. they probably had their tsinelas on when they went to roxas boulevard  but  they probably decided to remove them as tsinelas are not fit for running and quick movement. (man in yellow with baseball cap is seen here holding his tsinelas on his right hand) they can come off and might cause them to trip and brake the chain. or they wanted to save their tsinelas from breaking, they do not have money to buy a new pair.

removing the tisnelas is a smart idea but that also meant pain, callus and even an open wound after awhile. but that did not matter – they were doing it for cory. a simple contribution but great effort in saying their thanks to cory.

kapit bisig for cory

there will be other posts about juan de la cruz’s efforts at saying thank you to cory.

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