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willie revillame gives the BS during MTRCB hearing – it was just a “suggestion”

pdi august 24 willie revillame

That was a show of “arrogance and great disrespect to the Filipino … tradition of paying respect to the dead,” said MTRCB chair Marissa Laguardia in a memorandum sent to the network on August 11.

Revillame came to the hearing with Star Magic (the station’s talent arm) head Johnny Manahan, legal counsel Armando Marcelo and “Wowowee” executive producer Phoebe Luz Anievas. ABS-CBN was represented by lawyers Cherrie Cruz and Mona Lisa Manalo.

During the three-hour hearing, Revillame pointed out that it was management’s call, not his, to insert the video. Cases told the Philippine Daily Inquirer: “When he asked that the inset be removed, he said, he was merely giving a suggestion. [He also] admitted that [it was] an emotional outburst and that he shouldn’t have spoken on-air the way he did.”

read in full here: http://showbizandstyle.inquirer.net/entertainment/entertainment/view/20090823-221649/Willie-sorry-insists-it-was-a-suggestion

i don’t know how saying it was just a “suggestion” removes the guilt of being disrespectful and an over-all jerk on live national tv in a time of national mourning and sadness. having made the suggestion on live national tv is the first error. the second error is how he said it and the third was what he said.

based on the video, revillame was not concerned about the disrespect that he claims after the fact in showing the funeral procession during his show, he was concerned more about his performance. over and over again, revillame said seeing those footages on screen prevented him from performing his best as the superstar noontime tv host that he considers himself to be.

nobody can remove nor forget what he did and what he said on live national tv.

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