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woman david letterman had affair with identified, also a live in partner of the blackmailer

we have seen her in the “Late Show”, she has done skits and interviews. i remember her to be the intern that letterman would call from time to time to do skits with. she then progressed to doing interviews. she wasn’t a special gag in the show, but she was special to david letterman.

joe the extortionist

she is stephanie birkitt, supoosedly an ex-assistant of letterman in his show. the interesting part is that she was or is the live-in partner of the man who tried to blackmail david letterman, a joe halderman who is a producer at the tv show 48 hours.

i couldn’t wait to watch the show when the news broke out in the internet about the blackmail attempt on letterman. letterman was a master in what he did. it was a bit bizarre to me – the audience at the time that letterman was telling his “little story” was finding funny things in what letterman was saying. the audience of course saw the whole thing  in real time while i was seeing it after it happened. i knew it was real and i knew how it will end.

this will not be the only bizarre thing that will happen on this incident. i am sure there will be a lot more. letterman’s life cannot be that simple. us mortals have affairs, but letterman a tv star, an icon and a master funny man cannot have simple affairs. they need to be grand and yes hopefully funny.

actually, i am sure it will be funny. i have enjoyed letterman for years. no reason i won’t feel the same way in the coming weeks or months. just hope that letterman will come out of this alive and well, same thing with all the other people involved – his wife, his son, the women had sex with and his staff.

its a great show, this is nothing at all.

Who is Robert Joe Halderman?

You are about to hear a great deal about this man in the next few hours — the man police and now, CBS — have  identified as the Letterman extortionist. But here’s what I have learned so far.

Until Thursday, he was a well-regarded veteran producer at “48 Hours” whose credits include work on the Winter Olympics, and producer or segment producer for a number of CBS and Showtime documentaries, including 2006’s very well-reviewed “Three Days in September.”

Here is a link to the trailer.

He lives in Norwalk — an old seaport and factory town on Connecticut’s 95 — off the busy Boston Post Road. He has also worked for CBS for a number of years in a job that demands an unusual degree of trust from the employer — as a reporter on sensitive and difficult subjects, both for the news mag and for independent documentaries.

  And here’s more: Halderman has been a CBS News producer for decades, and worked on the old morning show, later “Evening News with Dan Rather,” and was shipped to London where he reported on various hotspots from around the world. He later came back stateside; was married; now divorced.

 Then this: He was well-liked by some colleagues. Per someone who knows him: “He was just a nice guy…I can’t believe he was involved in something like this.”

 And here’s much more. Per sources: He was a very successful breaking news producer, and well-liked by most people he worked with – “very driven, very smart,” in the words of one. He was a hotdog – a guy who could be dropped into a war zone and navigate the dangers, get the facts, and get the story together. It’s an essential skill that the person who can do it well is held in high esteem at any of the networks. It is also a dangerous job, and Halderman once spoke of being detained in Bosnia, and a translator late told him that the soldiers debated whether to “kill the journalists.”   Halderman – expected to be arrainged this morning – won many awards for his reporting at CBS.
 And this: He had been through a messy divorce – children invovled – and had been dating a woman who had worked at “48 Hours.” Her name’s been in the press elsewhere, but I don’t want to use it here – simply because it’s not been confirmed. But if it is confirmed, longtime viewers will recognize her immediately – she was an on-air regular some years back.

  A source said, she had worked with Letterman, recently passed the New York Bar, and had broken off her affair with Halderman.

  Said another source, “Everyone who knows him is just stunned….”

Halderman produced and directed “Three Days” — narrated by Julia Roberts — about the September 1, 2004 assault by Chechan terrorists on a school in Beslan where 1,200 parents and teachers were held hostage.




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