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joe “the extortionist” halderman to appear in America’s Dumbest Criminals TV Show, david letterman to produce show

that would probably be the biggest hit in american tv if that happens. it’s so out of this world that, but then again. it  is america it might actually happen. letterman has the chutzpah to do it – he has made fun of everything , including the worst things that have happened to him before, why not this one?

joe the extortionist drove me crazy! what the hell was he thinking? doesn’t he watch the Late Show? he does not seem to have any idea on the character of david letterman. you simply can’t pull something like that on letterman. letterman in his shows has gone out of a limb, make that two limbs, add two hands to get a laugh. he even gave his heart for crying out loud!  he is fearless. someone fearless is someone you cannot blackmail even for $1.

strike one for Dumbest Criminal.

joe the extortionist

joe the extortionist

last night when i saw letterman in his show relating his “little story”, i was not sure if i was to believe him when he said the threat was if he did not pay up the million $s, joe the extortionist will write a script and turn it to a movie or something. letterman said a book was involved too and he went into this spin about what comes first – the book then the movie, or vice versa or at the same time.

letterman sounded funny on that bit. i didn’t know if he was joking or if joe the extortionist actually said that. yes it was very creative of joe the extortionist but i found it too elaborate for a blackmailer to do. these days you have the media, the tabloids and yes the internet as media. they are all easy to access and the impact could be immediate and wide beyond any one’s imagination. but write a book then a screenplay? that takes too long and takes too much effort. what about writer’s block???? why make a simple extortion scheme so complicated?

based on the details of the transaction, apparently it was not a joke. joe the extortionist actually said those things to letterman.

strike two for dumbest criminal.

they also had 3 meetings. letterman in his show said joe the extortionist met with his lawyer on the last two occasions, to ask what he wanted and to deliver the $2 Million check.

i have seen a lot of crime movies like anyone else – most blackmailers ask the victim not to involve the police or anyone else in the transactions. a lawyer is not exactly the police but it is the closest person to one. it seemed obvious to me that once a lawyer starts meeting up with a criminal, the law cannot be far behind and is the next step.

letterman’s lawyer apparently taped the last two meetings. aren’t blackmailers supposed to make sure the person he is blackmailing or the negotiator in behalf of the victim is not wearing a wire? that is what they do in movies all the time.

joe the extortionist who works for a tv show, a veteran no less does not seem to watch a lot of movies and that might explain why he did those dumb things. and maybe he does not watch tv at all. there are many crime and detective dramas in american tv, he could have not missed those nust-do tricks for blackmailers.

that is strike 3 for dumbest criminal! and he is out.

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