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half of all nursing schools unable to produce students who pass the board, asked to be closed by CHED

this is a most sensible idea — ched should divulge the names of the nursing schools who have failed to produce nursing students who passed the nursing board.

ched is duty bound to let students and parents know what these schools are so that they can make an informed decision if they will continue to enroll their children in these nursing schools. education is an investment for most pinoy families. getting a nursing degree is so important to these families that many of them sacrifice, scrimp, borrow and parents kill themselves to earn enough to pay for the tuition fees for a nursing college degree. it is just right that  the ched help the parents know of they are wasting their money on these schools.

we do not think there is a reason for ched not to disclose these schools to the public considering that they have already ordered these schools to close down.

aside from protecting students and parents of nursing students, disclosing the names of the schools will also push these schools to improve their teaching and facilities. many of them will strive to get out of that list. in the end, the whole nursing school industry’s standards will be improved.

we also suggest to parents and students to ask the schools they intend to enroll in how many of their students have passed the board before they enroll in their school of choice. they should use that as one important criteria they will use on choosing the school. we will publish the names of these schools once ched gives out the list.

CHEd urged to name inferior nursing schools

By Kristine L. Alave
Philippine Daily Inquirer 

MANILA, Philippines—(UPDATE) The Trade Union Congress of the Philippines has urged the Commission on Higher Education to reveal the names of the 177 schools with substandard nursing education so that parents and nursing students may be guided accordingly.

CHEd should identify these schools that would be phased out so that parents would be warned not to enroll their children in these institutions, said TUCP secretary general Ernesto Herrera.

Recently, CHEd said 177 nursing programs nationwide failed to produce a student who was able to pass the Nursing Licensure Examination in the last five years. But the agency did not identify the schools but ordered their closure.

Herrera said CHEd has a duty to the public to divulge the names of these schools, which might continue to offer its services to unwitting parents.

He likened the deficient nursing institutions to defective products. Herrera pointed out that unsafe and defective products are often identified and recalled in the market to protect consumers.

“Right now, the public does not have a clue as to the identities of these inferior nursing schools,” Herrera said.

“We also have no idea as to when these schools will actually be closed down. Some of them may be able to appeal their cases, and continue to offer nursing programs indefinitely, to the detriment of consumers,” he added.

The 177 faulty institutions, according to Herrera, account for nearly half of all nursing schools. Encouraged by the prospect of getting high-paying jobs overseas, more than 420,000 students are now enrolled in 460 nursing schools nationwide.

The sheer number of nursing students in the country has produced a surplus of graduates that could not be accommodated in the local job market.

The substandard nursing schools result in substandard nursing graduates who can barely pass the board exam. The passing rate of board exam has been below 50 percent for the past several years.

  1. November 5, 2009 at 11:36 pm

    Wow! this is truly a frightening thought. I know that nursing degrees are very hard and I think that students lose sight of how difficult a degree in nursing is. Most are attracted by the high pay rates and job security but haven’t internally committed to putting in the actual work. Great article!

  2. November 17, 2009 at 9:02 am

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  3. November 19, 2009 at 1:01 pm

    This is a good article posted by wawam !

    Actually, This is true that every school or college who get lots of money as education fee is not excellent or good.


  4. gnostician
    November 24, 2009 at 10:21 pm


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